Avoid Double Developments

With the patent search you have already successfully identified the state of the art. But the one-time research only represents a status quo. More registrations could already follow tomorrow that go in a similar direction to your own development.mountain scene with rainbow

You should therefore rely on complete patent monitoring. Regular updates on the state of the art can avoid costly arguments with other inventors. Let yourself be informed about published registrations. By the time you start watching patents being granted, it may be too late.

By avoiding duplicate developments, you also reduce the risk of violating the rights of third parties. If you continuously monitor the status of developments, you can counteract this in good time and adapt your own developments so that you do not infringe any property rights.

When applying for patents from competitors, you should keep an eye on the countries to which the property right is restricted. Perhaps the target markets relevant to you are not affected, so that you can continue your own developments unhindered.

Increase the ability to innovate

Ongoing patent monitoring also helps to uncover development trends in relevant industries. If another market participant develops a new technology, you may be able to build on it and drive further developments of your own. You can also uncover patent loopholes that you can specifically close through new developments.

Monitoring the market for patents can therefore increase your own ability to innovate.

Protect your own patents

iron-chainPatent monitoring helps to protect your own patents. By observing new patent applications, you can see whether a competing company is infringing your own property rights and can respond to this in good time with an objection. Or you are aiming for a cooperation through the sale of license rights.

Timely response to changes

With patent monitoring and an integrated early warning system , for example with e-mail alerts, you can recognize in good time if the legal status or the state of the art of a patent changes or a patent expires, be it due to the time limit or due to patent fees that have not been paid.

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