What PatentOptimizer®does for you?

Ensuring an optimal patent

The LexisNexis PatentOptimizer® software checks for consistency and accuracy in your patent. Documents are analysed verbatim and checked throughout, to ensure that all the critical elements of a proper patent application are included.

Optimisation, integration and reporting in one tool

PatentOptimizer® Analytics helps you chip away at the aspects of entire patent portfolios, to uncover critical data, hidden trends, nomenclature parts and/or elements, ranked language variations and much more.

You can even consolidate your analyses into a one click, fully customisable error report.
The software integrates seamlessly with Microsoft® Word, Mozilla FireFox browser 4.0+, Internet Explorer, Adobe® Acrobat® 8.0 and Adobe® Reader® 8.0. Plus it supports patents that were published on TotalPatent®, lexis.com® and USPTO.gov.

Download the software and go!

Is your firm already using LexisNexis? Then all you have to do is download the software, use your lexis.com ID and password and get to work. Our case law coverage is updated quarterly, and reaches back to 1982. Sophisticated algorithms created specifically for LexisNexis PatentOptimizer® have been tested thoroughly, and the service supports Microsoft Word® and Microsoft® Internet Explorer. Not yet sure whether the PatentOptimizer® is right for you? We can arrange a 30-day free trial.

How PatentOptimizer® works

Tighten up and align your patent analysis and applications.

The right track starts with a clear toolbar

Find various options on the clear LexisNexis PatentOptimizer® toolbar. Whether you're prosecuting or litigating, these search options can help you work more efficiently.

Review previous findings

PatentOptimizer® lets you navigate claim hierarchy, pinpoint claim errors, locate various kinds of claim elements and identify terms or phrases. You can catalogue your research findings by type, add notes and comments and auto-capture references. PatentOptimizer® can even weed out errors in acronyms.

Create charts, graphs and reports in almost no time

Support your argument with clear charts and graphs that respond to real-time filter selections. You can even auto-configure and create materials that contain the data extracted by the PatentOptimizer® Analytics tool, by user-identified criteria. The list of capabilities goes on!

Why buy PatentOptimizer®

  • Efficient, high-quality tools
  • Quick patent analysis
  • Comprehensive report creation
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