What LexisNexis® PatentStrategiesSM does for you

Uncover what most search tools miss

We designed LexisNexis® Patent StrategiesSM to help you gain complete insights in seconds. This gives you a strong return on investment because we refresh our data weekly. You can be assured of the most recent data and state-of-the-art analytics.

Make your daily work easier

LexisNexis® Patent StrategiesSM is like no other tool on the market. It gives you accurate and quick insights to suit your specific needs. Among other features, our PatentStrategies tool is secure and private, with more than 50 different visualizations data being exported to Microsoft Office. Our one-click wizards make quick work of common tasks and the system supplies you with alerts, labels and colour coding. What more could you ask for?

How LexisNexis® PatentStrategiesSM works

Bringing Big Data analysis to IP

LexisNexis® Patent StrategiesSM offers more than just research and innovation exploration. We put licensing, competitive analysis, litigation trends and predictions in your hands. Then issues like acquisitions, risk management and strategy can fall into place and create the total picture.

More than just a key-word search

Organising financial, legal, company, inventor and other important data can be a daunting task. A task that can't be covered by a mere key-word search. LexisNexis® Patent StrategiesSM is designed to uncover insights in seconds. An efficient use of your time with the best and most complete outcome.

There when you need us most
At LexisNexis we offer the broadest collection of news and business content, full-text news articles and deep archives not even found on the web. But, especially as a first-time user, you can always contact us with questions or for further advice. Our consultants are standing at the ready.

Intellectual property information receipt in a snap
Keep stakeholders up-to-date with dynamic IP data. Whether sharing your organization's IP status, competitive analysis or search results, you can provide data in an easy-to-read format with the LexisNexis® Patent StrategiesSM Dashboard.

Get clear dashboard widgets

Gain a clear overview of what's ahead with PatentStrategies dashboard widgets. Widgets include: patent summary; applications, grants and expirations; PatentStrength™; patent litigation; source jurisdictions; classifications; market map; and inventors.

Share your findings logically
To ensure that your IP data is as reliable as possible, we update millions of data cleansing, correlating and normalising rules each week. Our 100+ data sources are also updated nightly. You get over 48 million full-text translated patents from 14 jurisdictions, along with exportable and editable charts, patent highlights and more.

Why buy PatentStrategies?

  • Strong return on investment
  • Easy collaboration
  • Strategy and risk management
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