What LexisNexis®TotalPatent® does for you

A fast and easy legal resource

Research and analyze patent data and protect intellectual property quickly and easily with LexisNexis® TotalPatent. We have the world's largest collection of searchable full-text and bibliographic patent databases, including images, citations, legal status and patent family collections.

Featuring fast and easy legal resources

LexisNexis® TotalPatent® lets you search over 100 patent authorities, in the original language or in machine-translated English. There are over 60 million compressed, multi-page, searchable PDFs and you get easy access to related sources and tools. And that's just the beginning.

How LexisNexis® TotalPatent® works

For broad to narrow info searches

With various search options, you can find what you're looking for whether you're an expert researcher or a first-time user.

Compare and analyze your findings

Now that you have your answer sets, you need to understand where the info overlaps and differs. TotalPatent offers you a simple three-step process, so that you comprehend the strengths and weaknesses of your findings and can create a stronger report.


  • Cost effective
  • Quick, easy research results analysis
  • Dedicated IP support team
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