3 Types of Research That Benefit from Nexis Solutions Product Suite

14 October 2021 10:30

3 Types of Research That Benefit from Nexis Solutions Product Suite

When you think of research, you probably don’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. That’s because the idea of pouring through books, spreadsheets, newspapers, documents, and all kinds of digital information—presented in a myriad of different formats and in various states of cleanliness—isn’t always a pleasant one. But here’s the good news: While research can be tedious, it doesn’t have to be.

Research solutions in the Nexis product suite let you leverage the most comprehensive collection of news, company, legal, regulatory, and public records* data available, so you can quickly and efficiently conduct financial analyses, engage in thorough investigative journalism, and perform business research like never before. For example, with Nexis solutions, companies across industries can rely on trustworthy data sources to draw meaningful business insights that help grow their organization and better protect their brand reputation.

Whatever research you need to conduct, the Nexis product suite serves as your gateway to enriched datasets curated from over 40,000 premium, licensed, and web sources. And we don’t stop at providing an unmatched depth and breadth of content either; we also strive to make our solutions as user-friendly as possible, with advanced search capabilities and real-time alerts you can rely on to find important content faster for deeper, more relevant insights.

Still, you might be wondering how your specific research can excel with solutions in the Nexis product suite. So, to help spread the word and educate researchers on the benefits of the Nexis solutions product suite, here are the answers to three of the most common questions our data specialists get asked all the time from researchers.

Q: Can I access executive profiles and corporate hierarchy data?

A: Solutions like Nexis Dossier improve corporate research and intelligence with a wealth of executive personnel and corporate hierarchy information. Your business research can draw on all kinds of corporate data on millions of domestic and international companies and feed critical data—such as financials, litigation history, market performance, news mentions, and more—directly into your business applications or customer relationship management (CRM) platform via one of our flexible APIs or on-premises deployment options.

Additionally, when you have access to highly relevant business information you can better identify trends, research companies, and collect critical market intelligence. Enriched, normalized data from multiple trusted content providers will help you identify corporate revenue streams and improve your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analyses. You’ll have premium, licensed print, and online content not available on the open web at your disposal—so you can work more efficiently toward achieving a dominant market position.

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Q: How can the Nexis solutions product suite improve my financial models?

Financial modeling and forecasting are only as accurate and as dynamic as the datasets that feed them. Quantity, depth, breadth, and quality are all equally important for trustworthy, reliable financial models. That’s why the Nexis solutions product suite gives your predictive analytics and financial modeling tools access to enriched, curated alternative data that includes datasets from current and historical news archives. Your company will gain highly accurate regression models and better identify trading signals to inform your investment strategies and business decisions.

Q: How can a Nexis solution improve my news reporting or investigative journalism?

A: The Nexis solutions product suite gives reporters and journalists access to comprehensive news data, including a historical news archive that reaches back more than 45 years. Members of the media can get unprecedented context and background into people and events to inform their writing and news coverage. Investigative journalists also gain the ability to research an in-depth public records database to retrieve relevant data, find contact details, and fact-check information for their stories and reports. Connections between people, events, companies, locations and more can be brought to light—and real-time alerts provide updates to the latest developments to stories being covered.

The Nexis solutions product suite can make corporate, financial, and investigative research more informed, relevant, and effective. Still want to do a little more research into how a Nexis solution can help you? See it in action today!

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