Earth Day 2021: Our Planet Makes a Lot of News

21 April 2021 11:00

Earth Day 2021

There’s no single event more global than Earth Day. Regardless of whatever may divide humanity, there’s one thing that unites each and every one of us: our shared - and only - home. As such, we were inspired to use Nexis® Newsdesk to identify some serious and lighthearted environmental news generating attention in the lead up to the 51st Annual Earth Day.

One Way to Go Green: Stinky and Sober

Major global brands such as Asics, Apple and Facebook have announced major initiatives to reduce their carbon footprints and otherwise make our planet healthier.Kudos - and thanks - to all companies committing to such efforts. On a lighter, but still helpful note, Molson Coors in Canada is suggesting that people skip the shower on Earth Day to help conserve water. To the beverage company’s credit, they’re also suggesting that you skip one of their hard seltzers, which, for some, may be much harder to do.

Stars Shining for Our Planet

It’s not just major corporate brands, but globally acclaimed celebrities and royalty who are doing their part to fight climate change and otherwise advocate for environmental protections. From American actress Rosario Dawson to UK’s Prince William to South Korean boy band BTS, these stars are using their clout and popularity to draw attention to critical environmental issues. It’s yet another reason to give them a standing ovation.

Speaking and Singing Out for Mother Earth

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Young people have the most at stake when it comes to the future health of our planet. So, it’s no surprise that many young people consider themselves environmentalists. Sweden’s Greta Thunberg is perhaps the first to come to mind. This interesting article provides a detailed timeline of her rise from local to global environmental champion. Among other young activists is Ireland’s Ruby Maher, whose family recorded the pro-Earth song “Lullaby for the World.” Young people speaking and singing for a better world is a beautiful thing indeed.

Natural Beauty Abounds Around the Globe

Speaking of beauty, ours is such a gorgeous planet. If you need a reminder, check out this article for stunning images from Italy to Peru to Iceland. You’ll likely be inspired to think about the most beautiful places you’ve been. And you’ll probably want to plan your next trip. (If you do, be sure to consider green travel options.)

Virtual Earth Day Fun

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most all of us have grown accustomed to working and socializing in a virtual manner. As the pandemic continues, it’s no surprise that some Earth Day celebrations are happening virtually again this year, including this virtual scavenger hunt. Using an app, participants will collect points, monitor competitors and win prizes, all while raising awareness for environmental health. Sounds fun and helpful a terrific combination.

Bug Haters Beware

If bugs give you the creeps, then be sure to stay away from the eastern United States this spring. That’s because billions of cicadas will emerge from the ground where they’ve been for 17 years. In some areas, the bugs are so plentiful that you can’t walk outside without them landing in your hair, flying into your car, etc. Cicadas have a special organ, called a tymbal, to make noise, which can exceed 96 decibels - enough to drown out the noise of low-flying passenger jets! The good news is: they don’t bite, they don’t harm crops and they live only for four to six weeks just enough time for them to mate and lay eggs that will emerge in 2038. Many wouldn’t mind if they stayed underground longer… much longer.

Are You Naturally Smart?

Think you know a lot about our planet and the environment? Well, take this quiz and see how you do. To get you started on the right foot, here’s the first answer: Every year about 1 billion people participate in Earth Day activities. That’s about one person for every 7.5 on the planet. Speaking of the global population … have you ever wondered how much the oceans would rise if everyone on the planet stepped into them at once? Well, someone did and the answer may shock you. If we all submerged ourselves at the same time, the oceans would only rise about the width of a human hair!

The Geeky Side of Green

If you’re into technical and scientific things and want to check out some of the latest research efforts and findings pertaining to the environment, check out our RELX SDG Resource Centre, to find fun facts and research of interest to all green geeks.

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