The Benefits of Using Data Nexis® Data as a Service

29 June 2022 04:00


What datasets are available in Nexis Data as a Service?

Nexis Data as a Service lets you access a wealth of content collected and enhanced from an ever-expanding universe of data sources. From a high level, our datasets include (but aren’t limited to):

  • News data (including newswires and press releases)
  • Company and industry data (covering 80 million companies and including corporate hierarchy data)
  • Legal data
  • Magazines and trade journals
  • Intellectual property and patents data

These datasets are pulled from 80,000+ sources across 100+ countries and 75 languages. And our content covers more than 13,000 topics.

What are the benefits of using content from Nexis Data as a Service?

Our datasets are normalized, semi-structured and text-based, so they’re ready for your analytics and research use cases—from predictive modeling and risk management to brand data and competitive intelligence research. Curious about what data from Nexis Data as a Service can do for your organization? Here’s a quick rundown of several benefits organized by content type!

Licensed news data

With licensed negative and general news accessible via Nexis Data as a Service, you can capture a more complete picture of current and historical licensed news. Our news archive spans over 45 years and features premium and global media sources. Access local, regional, national, international and industry news from real-time and archival sources.

Data from open web sources

Nexis Data as a Service provides data from the open web—including content from select social media platforms—so that you can expand your understanding of news/media and fair use data to gain insights and draw conclusions.

Company reports data

Uncover critical financial information, corporate hierarchies and relationships between executives and directors. Company reports data covers both public and private organizations around the globe.

Data on government agency decisions

Identify pertinent agency enforcement actions imposing sanctions on individuals or organizations.

Federal and state dockets

Understand an individual’s or entity’s litigation history to assess the likelihood of costly legal issues in the future.

Legal cases and rulings

Assess legal risk by reviewing decided federal and state court cases—civil and criminal—as well as international courts from 14 jurisdictions and the UN International Court of Justice.

Biographical information

Check the personal, educational and professional history of top corporate officers and other influential individuals to understand the qualifications and background of a potential hire or partner.

Global PEPs lists, sanctions, blacklists and watchlists

Run checks on individuals and entities across lists originating from 80+ countries and translated from multiple languages to identify potential compliance risk.

Patents and intellectual property data

Better understand the technologies and properties that are being developed/patented by
your peers, competitors, industry.

Broadcast media

Gain a better understanding of recent news and media reporting with a two-year archive of radio and television transcripts, along with video of select broadcasts.

How to see the benefits of Nexis Data as a service for yourself

If you’re ready to test your proof of concept and experience the benefits of Nexis Data as a Service, go here to set up a chat with a data specialist. They’ll work to give you access to the developers portal!

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