What Does Nexis Research Solutions Offer?

One of the most renowned Nexis legal research solutions online databases in case of article handling and business research is the Nexis. This platform allows the users to search their required articles, Profiles, News and much more from the database of 36000 sources. Among vast range of source, Nexis uses 23000 international newsstands. 7000 magazines and the dedicated database of more those 200 million international as well as national companies. Around 500 biographical sources and a broad number of newswires, blogs, websites are used to provide you the ultimate organic search result when you are looking for the perfect article of your need.

Be it recent breaking news or some news as old as the 35 years can be found using LexisNexis India. If you are looking for ultimate research academic article, library, papers then it is LexisNexis with their vast research journals database at your service throughout the day.

Quick research - LexisNexis India offers efficient and rapid research articles database because it is connected with tons of newsstands, blogs, company reports, biographies and lots more.

Personalized alert - If you want to have personalized alerts, Media Intelligence solutions, then nothing to worry; Nexis have this feature too that can provide your personalized updates throughout the day

Dedicated interface - Not yet completed your assignment! Or failed to complete your presentation; well, Nexis is here to serve you with its dedicated searching interface

Benefits of Using Nexis

Ultimate Business Efficiency

All the sources of articles that are being presented in front of you by the Nexis are accurate and legitimate information. Thus if you know what you are looking, then LexisNexis India can help you to search with ease and can effectively enhance your business efficiency. The option of quick searching, simple navigation, and the rapid result presented directly on your screen cuts your research time and give you ample scope to grow your business.

Enhanced Press Coverage

Finding out the breaking news of today or anything that happened 35 years ago is not a hard task anymore with Nexis. Using 'Analyzer' social media intelligence tools of Nexis will provide you plenty of customization option, where you can effortlessly enjoy maximum news coverage.

Competitive Advantage

Stay updated with the latest news, business reports, breaking news and the happenings around the world has become a lot more easily with Nexis. Customize your need using the intuitive interface of Nexis and enjoy daily, monthly as well as a yearly update of your desired news.

Trend Information

Like breaking news, checking the latest industry trend and new findings have become way easier with Nexis. Search for you competitive market research strategy coupled with the latest trends, figures, and facts with a click of your mouse.

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