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To make your academic research comprehensive and insightful, trust LexisNexis® Academic. The LexisNexis Academic Research. is a virtual library that offers you full-text documents from the largest collection of credible information sources to offer you exactly what you are looking for.

Just enter your search words and go!

LexisNexis® Academic offers an easy-to-use interface to make research easy and quick. The LexisNexis Academic Solutions include tools include Hot Topics Links, Document Delivery to Cloud Storage, Web News, Portable "Widgets" and much more.

A dedicated user site

Leverage the LexisNexis® Academic Knowledge Center to get instant access to tools like search widgets, curriculum-based research guides, YouTube training videos, ongoing training webinars, product updates. Get an edge over others with your well-researched, comprehensive and insightful research report with LexisNexis Academic Research.

Why LexisNexis® Academic ?

LexisNexis® is more than just a research tool. Take a look at this video and find out more.

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How LexisNexis® Academic works

Thousands of credible sources await you

LexisNexis® Academic values time, cost and reliability. Which is why lexisnexis research solutions only brings you results from verifiable sources alone to make your research genuine and dependable. Get quick access to large sources of reliable data on a single platform with an easy to use interface.

A huge quantity of legal and news sources

LexisNexis® Academic with its large database from credible sources on an easy to use platform enables you to conduct your research in the most comprehensive manner. Complete with widgets and advanced search options, filter down your results to the most specific ones from the large scores of data resourced from news research sources, both current and deep archives, primary and secondary legal research sources and the top credible business research sources. Leverage the training and on-demand support for librarians to enhance your skills.

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