LexisNexis Diligence/AML Spotter

Diligence spotter is an end-to-end workflow solution that integrates third party screening, risk assessment, ongoing monitoring and case management into one, intuitive tool. With Diligence spotter you can capture a real-time, daily assessment of risk so you can escalate your due diligence as needed.

Diligence spotter helps you conduct:

  • Third party screening - identify and screen third-parties against PEPs, Interpol, sanctions and internal lists for a complete,360-degree view.
  • Risk assessment - uncover and identify potential risks that require escalation or enhanced due diligence.
  • Ongoing monitoring - based on automatic batch screening, regularly check against watch lists to managing ongoing risk.
  • Case management - comprehensive case management, audit and workflow tools help embed a robust
    due diligence and screening process.

Tailored to your needs

Manage risks, cover all the bases

Smart features:

  • Automatic and daily screening against sanctions, Interpol, PEP lists and option to maintain your own internal "blacklist"
  • Unlimited single search "Name Check" against the same lists and internet research capabilities
  • Risk classification of third parties subject to geographical exposure, behaviour, activity, origin of client relationship, KYC set-up criteria
  • Complete NameCheck and KYC reports
  • Compliance approval process (4-eyes principle)
  • Compliance monitoring workflow with follow-up reporting
  • Extensive reporting capabilities including holistic dashboard reporting & individual client reporting
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