BatchNameCheck provides daily screening data and reports. This allows you to identify organizations and individuals who may pose a risk to your organization. By making optimal use of global (sanction) lists, databases with Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and searches for negative news, you get real-time results that are needed to help your organization move forward. BatchNameCheck is a reliable, efficient

and economical solution for the integrated checking of existing and new organizations and individuals. Batchnamecheck can be used for both individual and extensive searches. Our four-step plan gives you consistent and clear real-time results:

- Import your contacts:Upload data from third parties and compare them with all kinds of data, for example PEP, Interpol, official sanction lists, internal lists and negative news.

- Update lists: Refresh the lists daily to ensure that the most recent information is used in the 'name checks'.

- Perform name checks: Check all search results and identify potential problem areas

- Create reports:  Know where you need to take action or what you need to keep an eye on by daily detailed individual and global name check reports.

What LexisNexis®BatchNameCheck does for you

BatchNameCheck uses a proven, effective four-step methodology that allows you to screen high volumes of clients to service your due diligence research and entity monitoring. All four steps can be automated to further streamline your screening process.

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