What Lexis Diligence® Does for You

Lexis Diligence® provides you all the necessary tools required to understand your third parties in your endeavour to mitigate regulatory, financial, strategic and reputational risk.


Lexis Diligence® offers a single platform for all intelligence that you require to conduct consistent and cost effective due diligence. Without necessitating additional IT investment or training, you can rely on this fast and intuitive platform for all your intelligence for your entire commercial due diligence.

Mitigate risk

Lexis Diligence® guarantees content from around the world, easy user interface and a fixed price to ensure your search for intelligence is a time saving ad cost effective exercise. Conducting comprehensive background checks or researching entities, exploring associated entity interests or checking for red flags, developing entity profiles is now so much simpler with Lexis Diligence®.

Lexis Diligence®


Broad content boost due diligence

Lexis Diligence® offers you a simple interface with easy access to premium business intelligence, millions of public and private company profiles, in-depth country risk analysis reports and biographical sources, enabling you to conduct robust legal due diligence.

Sanctions, PEPS and watch list verification

Stay informed of all government sanctions lists and politically exposed persons with Lexis Diligence®. The easy to use interface helps you screen against watch lists including OFAC, HM Treasury, and over 1,000,000 PEPS.

Build enhanced due diligence reports

In your effort to conduct a successful customer due diligence, the report builder in Lexis Diligence®helps you demonstrate compliance efforts with a verifiable audit trail. Improve upon your decision making when it comes to vendor due diligence based on comprehensive data provided to you by Lexis Diligence® of all the third parties you deal with.

Screening customers and suppliers

Screening gets much simpler with ready access to large data from more than 26,000 verifiable sources to help you minimize reputational risk with business background checks. National, international, or regional newspapers and blogs, this database has an archive going back over 40 years offering you all necessary intelligence.

How it works

Lexis Diligence® offers a simple user interface making due-diligence easy and cost saving:

  • Simple fill-in-the blanks search options to help search for a company or an individual.
  • Set default preferences at an organizational level to maintain process consistency across all users.
  • Get instant and relevant results based on your query to news and business information, sanctions and politically exposed persons (PEPs), litigation history, and more.
  • Filter down the results to save, print, or add to the Report Builder, including any searches that generated no results for your audit.
  • Customize reports by prioritizing the information as required and adding your own annotations to the report to summarize key points.
  • Create Alerts in crucial sources, such as Negative News and Sanctions & Warnings to monitor ongoing activity by creating Alerts.
  • Maintain an audit trail by downloading a complete history of your search activity.
  • Demonstrate to regulators that your organization conducts appropriate due diligence legal and compliance audits.
Why due diligence?

Due Diligence is necessary to ensure you have a complete picture of all third parties that you deal with on a regular basis. Lexis Diligence® assists you in conducting successful legal due diligence by providing you with a single platform and easy to use interface to gain access to a wealth of information. News, blogs, from across the globe, country risk reports, and over 37 billion public records from associations like OFAC, EPLs, OIG, HM Treasury, and the FBI more letting you build a picture based on your requirements. Lexis Diligence® gain confidence while conducting a holistic commercial due diligence.

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Improve your due-diligence research

Dig deeper with Lexis Diligence®

When you're certain that you have complete information about the people that you're dealing with, you get to minimise your risk greatly while demonstrating your regulators of conducting due diligence legal. A successful due diligence is based on in-depth information and Lexis Diligence® offers you ready access to more than 37 billion public records, to ensure that the company, vendor, supplier, partner, or client you are about to associate with is as per company regulations.

Vendor Due Diligence is a smooth sail when you report to Lexis Diligence®. Being more than an is so online tool, it keeps you abreast off all kinds of vital information, positive or negative about your third party. Streamline you research by pre-defining a list of negative search words or using corporate hierarchy data to reveal any relationships between your third party and any unrelated businesses.

Stay above board

Inefficient due diligence can cost you dearly with expensive fines and penalties. To help you steer away from blacklisted companies, Lexis Diligence® brings to you an aggregation of relevant intelligence, Backed by a database of news archives going back 40 years from international, national, and regional newspapers, magazines, journals, newswires, and broadcast transcripts, get an insightful report on all your third parties..


Due Diligence is more than simply getting access to large number of relevant documents. Lexis Diligence® helps you review your search efforts to ensure that you have not missed out on important and crucial data for a successful conduct of commercial due diligence. Maintain an audit trail by saving up your entire search activities with the possibility of checking back later for reference.


Performing extensive and comprehensive customer due diligence now no longer requires ground research, field researchers and piles of documents. Lexis Diligence® has simplified the way in which due diligence was conducted by aggregating all necessary documents and offering you a simple interface to get what you need. Conducting successful due diligence and compliance audits is now a matter of a few simple clicks satisfying your regulators about your diligence to do clean business.

The right report at the right time

With the inclusive Report Builder feature, Lexis Diligence® lets you set your preferences that will be part of your report about the third party you are conducting due diligence upon. To ensure standardization across all users, you can also set default preferences making comparison easy and meaningful amongst several parties.

Why buy Lexis Diligence®

  • Audit stamps - Time and date stamp for regulatory audits
  • Prioritise concerns - Results that indicates a concern can be prioritized for the reviewer
  • Annotation Features –Customise your report by adding annotations, where required
  • Easy data retrieval: Retrieve content such as negative news, company reports, directors & shareholders, biographies, sanctions &watch lists and PEPs Audit stamps as necessary.
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