The workflow tool for risk assessment

Third-party screening

Third parties such as new customers, business partners and organizations are checked and monitored against PEP lists, Interpol notices, sanctions lists and internal lists.

Risk assessment

Potential risks are identified so that they can be subjected to enhanced due diligence.

Case Management

Comprehensive case management and business partner audit tools support implementation of robust due diligence and monitoring processes.

Ongoing monitoring

Diligence spotter uses automatic batch screening for regular checking of watch lists, enabling you to manage ongoing risk.

Workflow mit Diligence Spotter

How Diligence Spotter can help you

Diligence spotter is a workflow tool that combines case management and auditing, risk assessment and ongoing monitoring of your business partners in a single tool. It provides companies with a reliable and efficient means of meeting compliance requirements.

With Diligence spotter you can conduct business partner checks against watch and PEP lists, your own in-house lists and negative news reports, on either an ad-hoc or an automated basis.

With Diligence spotter, risks arising from business relationships are not just identified but also assessed. Risks associated with specific business partners are analyzed in terms of geographical location, activity and documents found or missing. A due diligence report can be created. Because Diligence spotter constantly monitors the business partners you are checking, you also receive follow-up reports on them.

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Diligence spotter

Benefits of Diligence Spotter

Diligence spotter is your all-inclusive risk assessment tool. The workflow solution can be perfectly tailored to different business needs – and it is cost-effective too.


Boost your efficiency with an automated, optimized and standardized process.


Efficient targeting and distribution of your due diligence and auditing resources saves you time and money.

Protect your reputation

Diligence spotter reduces reputation risks and supports your business strategies.

Comply with regulations

With Diligence spotter you can make sure that you are complying with regulations and international standards.

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