What Lexis Advance® does for you

Never miss a beat
Tap into news, business, public records and legal information from more than 60,000 sources. Lexis Advance® works with LexisNexis products, so that you can uncover critical sources and build a convincing case without having to sign in to multiple research solutions.

Power and expertise you can count on
Be one of the first to know and understand the implications of the latest legal, news and business developments. The far-reaching Lexis Advance® sources include annotated federal and state codes, case law and public records. But that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Supporting you when you need it
Our support site gives you the answers to most of your support questions. Whether it's troubleshooting tips, user guides, how-to videos or answered FAQs. This is also where you can come to find out about new enhancements. Need a specific resource but can't find it? Contact us, and we'll help you on your way.

How Lexis Advance® works

More than one way to get what you need
Searching for sources can be a chore, but not if you're using Lexis Advance. Search all Lexis Advance content, plus vetted legal sites online – at the same time. We're the only ones who can offer you this option. Get more relevant results, faster.

Assess the details
Next to our convenient Research Map, our exclusive Legal Issue Trail lets you connect the dots between cases; you can efficiently analyse how an issue has evolved over time. You can also stay on top of the latest changes in your results by opting to receive real-time alerts. Or use Shepard's® Graphical, to see the history of the citing decisions in an easy-to-browse visual grid format.

Deliver clear documentation
Thanks to intuitive navigation tools, you can put together and deliver clean and clear results. Need to return to your results list, view the previous document or move on to the next text? No problem with Lexis Advance®. You can even highlight portions of your documentation and annotate for future reference. So many possibilities!

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