Nexis® Social Analytics

Nexis® Social Analytics (made possible by Talkwalker) is an innovative platform for social media analysis that allows companies and PR and marketing agencies to make informed decisions about their social media strategy based on relevant data from social networks, forums and discussion sites. Nexis Social Analytics offers:

Powerful monitoring features that you do not miss a call with

Social ListeningWorldwide coverage of social media in 187 languages

- Follow what is said about your brand, products and campaigns in social networks around the world

- Get more insight into the positioning of your brand through discussions in social media

- Remain reputation damage by proactively scanning for possible crisis situations

Clear social media analyses

Social ListeningAcquire valuable insights based on 10+ social networks and 150 million websites

- Transform scattered information from discussions into unambiguous strategic insights

- Use the versatile tools for image recognition, virality mapping, location tagging, sentiment analysis and hashtag tracking.

- Expose patterns, track trends, identify influencers and the peaks and troughs in the performance of your campaigns

Fast and efficient reporting

Social Listening Thanks to automatically generated reports, you can quickly and efficiently share all relevant social media statistics that matter

- Visualize the analysis data in your reports with insightful graphs and diagrams

- Compile KPI reports in no time by using the customizable report templates with different layouts

- Share successes and points of attention quickly and easily with colleagues and stakeholders

A small selection of possibilities:

A wealth of information has been decided in the billions of posts and discussions in social networks worldwide. Nexis® Social Analytics helps you to analyze this valuable data effectively. See below a few examples of the possibilities:

- Consult the most important campaign statistics in real time & generate well-organized campaign reports

- Compare the averages from your industry and assess your performance

- Improve your customer service by applying smart filters and tags to categorize customer responses

- Refine your brand message by measuring campaign results with sentiment analysis and emotion tracking

- Prevent escalation of crisis situations by using 'virality mapping'

- Increase the reach of your content by identifying the main influencers

- Determine which keywords are the most effective in which cases

- Use superior image recognition technology to detect misuse of your company logo

Finally, you can integrate social media data through an API with various platforms such as Google, Analytics, Adform DSP, Facebook Business Manager, Klipfolio and Tableau etc. Contact us about the possibilities.

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