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Keeping an eye on the trends

Keep track of all key influences, market trends, industry highlights and competitive information with Nexis Newsdesk India. With just simple clicks, get access to the Newsdesk for market intelligence in a cost saving and time effective manner.

You can rely on us

Nexis Newsdesk, boasts of an intelligent group of experts assuring you to provide relevant data and enriched content as per your requirements by testing and analyzing search terms. This team of experts at Nexis Newsdesk works with metadata, tagging, metrics and text normalization to bring to you the best results.

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To ensure maximum usage, Nexis Newsdesk® is kept simple and easy with a support team available by email or phone. Read the simply detailed guides, tutorials, webinars and case studies to improve your understanding on using Nexis Newsdesk India. Create your own personalized dashboards with an interface that matches your organisation's branding.

Why Nexis Newsdesk

Let Nexis Newsdesk is your intelligence source for media motoring and analysis.

How Nexis Newsdesk works

Always in the know

Amidst the deluge of data, Nexis Newsdesk is your go-to newsdesk for industry highlights, helping you sorting out all the clutter. Monitor key news and events that may affect your organisation, ensuring you make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Key metrics in the blink of an eye

Easy to read, Nexis Newsdesk data visualisation reports make analysis effortless and decision-making confidently. The newsdesk lexisNexis reports helps in a comprehensive knowledge building effort to make analysis meaningful and conclusive.

Spot trends and share insights

Surviving amidst cut throat competition is a matter of staying abreast of market intelligence, whether market trends or competitive information. To gain comprehensive data on your competitors, Nexis Newsdesk is more than a newsdesk for competitive information. It helps you identify key influencers, market trends, industry highlights and competitive information with a simple click of the mouse. Share you insights with colleagues and be assured that your critical market intelligence is copyright compliant.

Aggregating relevant data from verifiable sources across the world, this newsdesk for market intelligence is your all-in-one media-monitoring tool helping you to uncover actionable insights based on comprehensive, international content collection.

Search and monitor with ease

To help you keep track of emerging issues and trends across licensed print and online content, this newsdesk for market trends offers you content in 75 languages from more than 100 countries. The single interface is easy to use, allows you to customise your searches, and alerts to track topics of interest.

Analyse and organise your findings

Media monitoring and staying in line with all worldly activities affecting your business is made easy with Nexis Newsdesk. Set personalised criteria to get to receive information and news that you prescribe for. The intuitive newsdesk for industry highlights complete with automated analytics makes sentiment analysis, share of voice, geo coverage mapping and custom analysis relevant, easy and in a time saving manner.

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