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Research made easy

Whether market intelligence, competitive intelligence or vendor intelligence, with Nexis®, you get ready access to a large database of relevant data that helps you stay abreast off the happenings and events around the world. Gain meaningful insights through nexis research solutions to make informed and better strategic business decisions.

More than you expected

Informed decisions are based on comprehensive, complete and conclusive information. Moreover, this is where Nexis® as an aggregator of data across the globe from verifiable sources offers you fast, relevant and complete information. Leverage the nexis research tool and gain ready and easy access to the broad collection of over 26,000 sources, more than 600 company and financial sources, over 300 industry sources and 200 executive and biographical sources.

We'll help get you there

Simple interface, easy search methodology complete with lightning-quick access to the latest guides, videos, source updates, tutorials, webinars, case studies, training opportunities makes Nexis® your go-to research tool for all your research requirements .

Why Nexis® ?

Nexis® Research and why you need it

Amidst the deluge of information offered by the internet, it is easy to get confused and clueless when it comes to finding specific data. Nexis research solution has been developed to make research easy, simple, and not complicated and time consuming. Our systems are intelligent and intuitive to deliver quicker results that are relevant and indispensable to help you save time, cost, and make better-informed decisions.

How Nexis® works


Nexis® makes your research quicker, efficient and to the point.

Search what you need when you need it

Keep it simple or customise your searches so as to be able to get results that are relevant and necessary. Flexible search options keep your results focussed and targeted.

Get clear results from trusted sources

Nexis® aggregates data only from reliable, verifiable and reviewable sources to ensure users get easy access to only dependable and proved data. We have no space for hoax news.

Comprehensive findings for clear reporting

The best business decisions are based on complete and verifiable information. With Nexis®, understanding market trends, staying aware of competitor's strategies, being informed of key industry highlights and getting other relevant data from verifiable sources enables you to make informed decisions easy and quick.

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