Bring more quality and efficiency to the drafting process

Quality and efficiency matter more today than ever before. Automate and streamline the process of creating high-quality patent applications and generating office action responses with PatentOptimizer®.


Leverage unmatched technology for high-quality patent drafting

By quickly and effectively checking all parts of a patent application draft - from patent claims to patent drawings and everything in between - PatentOptimizer generates comprehensive error reports, revealing the actions users can take to fortify their applications before submission to the USPTO.

Woman-Typing-on-LaptopEnsure a broad but defensible claim set

Created by patent attorneys for patent attorneys, PatentOptimizer streamlines patent analysis and serves as a critical quality control check when dissecting issued patents or exploring how to write an optimal patent application. Safeguard your patent application with a thorough understanding of the comparable patents.

Here’s how PatentOptimizer™ can help you

PatentOptimizer™ enables you to work more efficiently and to reduce legal risks by checking patent specifications.

PatentOptimizer™ is a tool for compiling patent applications that also provides assistance in the event of patent disputes and during the patent grant process.The software helps you draw up US patent applications that are internally consistent, precise and well tailored.The tool also performs important quality control tasks in connection with the drafting of patents and monitoring of the drafting process.

Features of PatentOptimizer™


  • Accuracy and consistency check

Use PatentOptimizer™ to check the accuracy and consistency of patent applications with regard to claims, parts, literature and terminology.

  • Comparison of patent applications

Analyze text documents to compare them with other patent applications and link your application to relevant literature.

  • Citation source check

Search directly for the source details of patent citations in connection with your grant or application and check the relevant bibliographic data.

  • Comparison and research of claim components

Compare claim components, terminology and wording in multiple documents.Research particular claim parts using state-of-the-art technology and compile a claim hierarchy.

  • Terminology and wording check

Compile a list of cases with references to or interpretation of key terms and formulations in your patent document. PatentOptimizer™ can identify and report terminology from the user’s dictionaries.

Develop internally consistent, concise and well-tailored patent applications

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Automate quality checks
  • Check for proper antecedent basis or possible lack of support in the disclosure, adequate support in the drawings, terminology for court rulings and consistency in parts labeling and numbering.
  • Uncover critical data intersections, hidden trends, aggregate parts/elements nomenclature and ranked language variations.
  • Identify claim issues, drawing reference anomalies, and improper term and phrase usage.
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Get comprehensive error reports with one click
  • The one-click summary provides a fully comprehensive error analysis of patent applications, pre-grant publications and issued patents with cross-links directly to the related section.
  • Review the quality of a patent that is being considered for assertion against a competitor, including the identification of fatal 35 U.S.C. §112 errors that may render claims unenforceable.
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Save time and money by automatically generating IDS forms
  • Begin your IDS form auto-population by creating a simple list in Word, Excel or PDF format.
  • When presented with a list of reference numbers, such as a patent number or a publication number, get each reference’s date, inventor information and kind code from an online database.
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Leverage the power of advanced analytics

The analytics feature enables you to filter, rank, and sort patent collections (up to 10,000 records at a time) by various key metrics, such as inventor, examiner, legal-rep, assignee, class, claim elements, parts, phrases, etc.

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Find the perfect terminology

The thesaurus allows you to search, browse and navigate a master index of patent terminology gathered from the US, EP, and WO databases.

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Auto-generate the desired response language specific to your office action rejections and objections

The office action response tool assists in the generation of new office action responses with tools that enable you to extract and analyze prior art, auto-generate desired response language specific to the rejection or objection, quickly retrieve relevant documents and automate for accuracy.

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