LexisNexis Compliance Solutions for Large Companies

Compliance Solutions help you avoid risks, achieve your strategic goals and achieve a higher return on your investments. LexisNexis is dedicated exclusively to the provision of legal advice and regulatory compliance management services.

We offer our clients specialized legal, organizational and technological solutions that allow them to manage and prove their compliance in a complete, simple and legally effective manner.

We know that each organization has specific needs in terms of compliance with the rules, so that its model adapts to circumstances that are different for each case. Our experience in optimizing the legal function and internal compliance in organizations allows us to gain effectiveness, aligning them with the most widespread international practices in this area, and that consider both the size of the organization, the markets where it operates, and its sector of activity.

LexisNexis Identifies the compliance areas that affect the organization and the risk behaviors associated with each one of them. Based on this analysis we can help to complete a map of risks and identify the processes and charges close to them. We assist in the establishment of organization internal structure for monitoring compliance with standards.

We develop compliance solutions in constant adaptation to the needs of our customers. Our compliance support tools allow us to respond to the requirements derived from the evolution of the regulatory framework.

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