Screening of people and organizations

If you know who your customers, partners and suppliers are, you can protect your organization against fraud and reputational damage. The effective screening tools from LexisNexis help you avoid risks, achieve your strategic goals and achieve a higher return on your investments. With our due diligence and monitoring solutions you are able to find the right information about people, companies and countries in time. You have access to more than 40,000 qualitative sources through us. Use our tools for:

● Screening based on PEP lists, watchlists and negative news 
● Comprehensive due diligence and reporting 
● Proactive media monitoring (with PESTLE scores) for risk detection 
● Outsourcing of due diligence and consultancy in the field of compliance and risk management 
● Integration of content and data feeds in company-specific systems

Our industry specialists and consultants have an in-depth understanding of the ever-increasing challenges our customers face. LexisNexis Business Insight Solutions provides the solution for each of these challenges. A selection from our portfolio:


Top FTSE 100 insurance, financial services and blue chip multinational companies use LexisNexis for customer due diligence, client screening and corporate security. With the increased need for organisations to implement effective risk-based due diligence procedures, we offer a range of tools for finding information on people, companies and countries and for satisfying regulators that appropriate checks have been carried out. Whether you are looking for information on clients, suppliers or partners or checking for further company information, legal histories or for ongoing monitoring purposes, our tools provide one convenient resource for timely access to global information.

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