LexisNexis® Research Solutions

Having complete background information and timely business intelligence is crucial to your work. Get the full story on a company or individual, prospect for new opportunities, track competitors, identify industry shifts, uncover compelling stories, perform research and check facts. With LexisNexis® research solutions, you can make informed decisions and relay valuable insights.

Pioneer Global Research solutions

With LexisNexis research solutions you will find fast and efficient (inter) national news articles, company and market information, biographies and legal information. LexisNexis has over 4 billion articles from 36,000 national and international sources, both online and offline. On a national level, LexisNexis is the only provider of the 75 most widely read newspapers and magazines of Global level.

Experienced, Accurate and Engaged Research Solutions

LexisNexis not only provides you with all the resources you need for research, but also ensures that are easy to search and find in our tools through our user-friendly tools. This way you will not be searching for hours, but you will get the articles you are looking for by means of a simple search. Finally, you can adapt the interfaces of the different products to your wishes and you can search through different news sources at the same time. Finally, you receive daily news reports about topics that are important to you with an alert.

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