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5 April 2017 11:05pm
About LexisNexis Business Information solutions

With more than 3,000 customers in over 60 countries we are the leading global provider of business insight solutions.

We aggregate information from over 36,000 international news and business sources, as well as thousands of business-relevant web sites, blogs and forums. Our content portfolio ranges from newspapers to trade magazines, from company databases to market reports, with literally millions of new documents added to our database every single day. With archives dating back up to 35 years, we provide results that paint the whole picture, rather than just the most recent headlines.

Our leading products and services are used throughout the world and in virtually every industry and area of business. Because every organisation is unique, we can adapt our products to your individual business needs—providing you with easy-to-use, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions.

Screening your customers & suppliers

Confidently conduct due diligence on companies and individuals with an unmatched collection of sources.

Protect your business reputation by conducting comprehensive, cost effective due diligence and screening. Know your customers, agents and suppliers better through enhanced due diligence and in-depth screening. We help companies meet their regulatory requirements for anti-money laundering, anti-bribery & corruption and sanctions checks. Conduct fast, efficient and extensive due diligence while maintaining key audit data and ongoing monitoring.

Conducting quick & efficient research

Get the insight you need with our expertly curated collection of news, biographies, market, company or country reports.

Conduct accurate searches over 36,000 international news and business sources. Make informed business decisions after getting the latest news and market reports. Adapt the interface to target your results, using the power of the LexisNexis database. Receive daily news reports on topics of interest. Create an Alert, and receive updates each morning.

Protecting your reputation & brand

Assess brand perception and keep track of what the press and internet are saying about you.

Monitor media, reputation, market trends and competitors. We help you analyse and visualise large volumes of news and business data, both from print sources and the Web. Understand the media's view on your company, brand, market or competitor at a glance, and drill down to the specific document or mention that is most relevant to you. Our unique sentiment analysis helps you quickly discern between positive, negative or neutral mentions of your organisation, brand or product.


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