PR Strategy has No Boundaries

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The marketing technologies and the PR strategies go hand in hand and both require constant innovation.  The PR strategies remaining stagnant and conservative would amount to nothing less than a suicidal step.  Therefore the relevant team should keep themselves updated and adopt newer strategy in order to be effective globally.  The journal of business research reiterates the dynamism with which the PR team should work so that the product or the service you market is noticeable worldwide.  The Black Friday, which gave birth in the United States, has been the accepted marketing strategy for filling in the cash bags of the business houses.  No doubt, in order to keep with the e-commerce business, the term has been expanded to Cyber Monday too.

The Thanksgiving Day which was originally confined only to the American populace has made inroads into all the countries where the Thanksgiving day itself is not being celebrated.  Therefore, the crux of the strategy is to feel the pulse of the people and capitalize the situation for the benefit of the business advancement.  This is evident from the recent case studies made in two different and divergent countries.

Case Study 1: Japan

The market research analyst observed that regardless of the Thanksgiving, the Black Friday has gained much significance and the Japanese also show inclination for higher volumes of purchase, though not on the comparable scale of the Americans.  To quote the words of Kotaku culture reporter Brian Ashcraft, it is an extended week-end after the Thank giving day as far as the sales volume is concerned.

If the market research report is to be relied upon, the trend has not gone full throttle though the incubation period is over.  The buying mood of the Japanese is being observed carefully before plunging into the drastic promotional campaigns to the capture the sales. Of course, more impetus is being injected to the Black Friday through the promotional incentives.  It might not be prudent to jump the gun unless the mood of the buyer is established in clear terms.

According to the market research companies, the New Year sales cannot be surpassed compared to the other festive sales even though attractive bonanzas are announced on each occasion.  The retailers are all reticent in their action since there is no conclusive evidence that whether the stir generated by their festive offers would push the Black Friday sales.  They are, however, hopeful that the marketing campaign undertaken would translate into the actual sales.

Case Study 2: The U.K.

According to the information from the insiders of the market research, the situation in the UK is slightly different compared to other countries.  When the Americans depend more on the footprints of the shoppers, the sales volume is poised to go high through online e-commerce business in the United Kingdom.  The unpleasant experience of the year 2014 witnessed the bad weather and fights between the shoppers still remains as a black spot.

The retailers and other sellers agree that there is a paradigm shift in the pattern of purchases the people are making through the smart phones rather than from the shops.  Nonetheless, there is no denial that the Black Friday discounts and other incentives continue whether the sale is through person-person or through online, as long as the business flourishes.

According to the critical analysis of the educational research, you can infer that the original concept of Thanksgiving event has been replaced with the Black Friday.  There is no denial that this is a win-win situation for both----the retailer is happy with the surge in the sales volume and the consumer is elated that the incentives and discounts bestowed on him are attractive enough.

Be vigilant

The marketing and PR team should work in tandem with equal alacrity if they intend to expand their business without the inhibition of crossing the boundaries.  The digital and internet era has made the entire globe as one market place where the most professional and efficient strategist would reap the benefits.  The Lexisnexis research solutions also endorse the view that the right decision at the right time would keep the business house on the top of the market. There is no better example to this line of thought than  the Thanksgiving followed by the Black Friday concept in America extending to other countries and also supplementing the strategy with the Cyber Monday.