How is the media covering the Winter Games?

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How is the media covering the Winter Games?

Flips, spins, bends, twirls, jumps, kicks and tricks—all on ice and snow. Winter sports are an impressive display of athletic talent, and those who are far less talented can't stop watching them in awe.

As with most major sporting events, brands will take advantage of this guaranteed viewership to advertise their company. But of course, this type of public relations is best done in an informed way. Powered by LexisNexis media-monitoring technology, this sporting analytics site is dedicated to tracking media mentions and following news coverage of this year's most exciting winter sporting event.

Now well into the games, everyone is following their preferred outlets to find out the results. Here's what the data says about the coverage:

Winning the popularity contest

Which sports are getting the most attention across both social and traditional media outlets? The top three positions go to ice hockey, snowboarding and figure skating. The data shows that just a week into the games, there have been over 14,000 articles published about the ice hockey events, a little over 12,000 snowboarding-related posts and 9,200 articles about figure skating. Behind these popular sports are curling and alpine skating. And while there's still time to pick up the speed, luge and ski jumping have the lowest percentages of media coverage.

Locating the audience

While these athletes compete on a global stage, there are certain regions where you can expect to see the most coverage. The Americas take the gold with over 1.2 million articles posted at the halfway point of the games, while Asia earns the silver with a little over one million articles. Bronze goes to Europe with just above 800,000 articles, while the data suggests that media outlets in Africa and Oceania are far less concerned with covering these winter sporting events.

Staying on trend

The sustainability efforts of the Winter Games has proved to be a trending topic across media outlets, with more than 70 percent of the articles sharing a positive view of focusing on energy efficiency during such a prominent sporting event. Plus, major brands aren't missing out on the opportunity to enter the conversation with marketing and advertising efforts inspired by winter sports. Toyota and Samsung are leading the crowd on this one.

With various athletes and teams scheduled to compete in the rest of the sporting event, the data will continue to change. Check back on our sporting analytics site for more updates on news coverage, media response and sporting analytics from the Winter Games!