How to manage fake news and social media panic?

Media Intelligence Solutions, LexisNexis BIS

Where social media has opened new and exciting avenues of promotion for Public Relations professionals, it has also given new challenges to manage.

We fall prey to fake news, whatsapp forwards and information almost every day but for PR professionals it is most often double the work because they have to strive hard to allay the fears of their clients. For most PR executives, this means digging deeper to gain more insights from credible sources and researching intensely to ensure that their news is considered trustworthy and reliable.

A recent Newsdesk research report revealed that as many as 1000 social media posts every day tend to be posted from fake ids. The fake news is not restricted to politics alone. It covers a whole gamut of fields, industries and streams.

Right from medical miracles to aadhar rules, fake news, photographs, posts and wrong information gets posted from dubious id and within no time, they become viral.

Today, a news desk research expert has to spend more than extra time to determine which leads are fake and which are worth following.

Research is of vital importance here and executives who based their reports on solidly researched data will find their clients and stakeholders brushing the fake news aside without any further ado.

Step #1

Any research that has been undertaken for a client or stakeholder must be shared with them as a matter of policy. By creating a professional research plan, you can communicate your research details with your clients and stakeholders and abreast them with the current trends, patterns and industry insights that you have learned. When you create a professional plan of action and share with them the latest information that you have researched through credible experts, no amount of fake news or social media meltdown can shake their confidence.

Step #2

Social media is always active be it day or night. That’s how posts become viral. You can use this to your advantage. By setting custom alerts, you can be at the top of the things and watch how trends develop, how thought processes are influenced and be at hand to dispel wrong perceptions. With LexisNexis as a media partner, you can set up custom alerts with news monitoring tools that would allow you to watch what the customers are posting about your clients. This also allows you to effectively manage any negative publicity before they become viral and public.

Step #3

Before social media became a viable force, news desk editors, journalists, reporters used to follow leads through reputed news agencies or they would tenaciously investigate on the ground to verify and ascertain the facts before they come to a conclusion. Those were the good old days of journalism.

Today, social media is replete with fake news links that post most outrageous lies as news. The problem of identifying credible news from genuine sources is both time-consuming and difficult. Thankfully, those who have media partners like LexisNexis will find it easy because the platform not only gives you access to relevant global and local news, it also has stringent filters that makes it difficult for a fake news channel to penetrate.

With the result, your news reports are credible, trustworthy and will contain actionable insights for your clients.

With a trusted media partner like LexisNexis, you can debunk any social media fake news and establish your credibility as being the most credible and reputed public relations executive in the industry.