Need for quality monitoring

contributed by Pallavi Sharma, a renowned PR professional

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In recent years, innovative technologies have transformed the world around us and have changed the way that we think about things which we used to take for granted.  Consumption of content and information has moved on from TV, radio, print and outdoor to portable and interactive mobile portals. The immersive, interactive and connected mobile devices are now functionally and emotionally part of how we experience the world and have given brands and consumers the power to interact one-on-one, on a more personal level.

This, in turn has impacted communications industry globally, as consumers are not just receiving information but are part of on-going conversations about businesses and organizations. Hence, it becomes important for organizations to listen and be part of these conversations as social media is changing the dynamics of media landscape. There are constant real-time conversations which can affect brands positively and negatively.

With news happening 24*7 there is a constant need to monitor the latest developments in the industry and at the same time analyse the impact it may have on your brand. With communications practice becoming aligned to marketing the tools for monitoring and social listening also need to innovate and improvise. What worked 5years back doesn't work anymore, therefore the tools used for monitoring and evaluating campaigns and programs need to change too. Professionals in communications business are constantly in search of tools and platforms which can help in the qualitative analysis of work done for their clients.  With AI and big data coming into play, companies (monitoring) need to assess the data in a more scientific way and provide in-depth analysis of what works for a particular organization in a specific geography. Smarter tools for valuation and analysis are the need of the hour and solutions which can help assess the impact viz-a-viz to a marketing or advertising campaign will showcase the true power of communications.

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