New Features of LexisNexis Newsdesk Analysis Platform

Media Intelligence Solutions, LexisNexis BIS

Data and information are one of the most crucial factors in any business today. That’s why, LexisNexis Newsdesk remains one of the most sought after analysis platform for media houses, marketing companies and PR professionals.

Launched 2015, Newsdesk is a versatile news monitoring tool that delivers information and news in a manner that is easily understandable and valuable. A well-analyzed data presents the media houses with numerous possibilities to study and understand trends that affect our life and society. Newsdesk offers a huge gamut of information from web-based articles to social news sites, where the data can be easily searched, analyzed and shared.

Independent market research consultant Jan Knight has lauded Newsdesk media monitoring the platform interface to be user-friendly and robust in delivering high-value data that is essential for PR professionals to stay abreast of current news and social media.

In her review, Jan Knight has commended the following features of Newsdesk as being valuable -

Analysis Builder

The Analysis Builder is a robust tool that guides the users through the creation and analysis of charts. In its revamped version, Knight notes that the tool is 75% faster than before. The tool also identifies and recommends to the user the type of charts that would be most appropriate to depict a particular data. The Analysis Builder offers different types of analysis (competitive, industry, market and social media) that is explained to the user in detail.  The streamlined nature of this tool and its user-friendly features adds immense value to this platform.

Search status

This might seem like a small inconsequential feature but it is an incredibly useful one for those who use it. The search status displays the filters that have been used for a particular search, allowing the user to view and keep track.

What’s new icon

This icon helps the users keep abreast of the new features that have been added to the platform. Practical and effective, the Newsdesk is updated every three weeks with new features that would improve the user experience and the what’s new icon alerts the users about the latest system changes.

Search interface

The search interface is one of the most sophisticated features of this platform and the revamp has made it more sleek and robust. The user can start with a broad-based search and then select the source that they wish to search (Online news, blogs, comments, social networks, videos, forums, print, TV/radio etc.) and add on optional filters that lay emphasis on language, location, sources etc. The interface also has a tab named ‘extra’ that allows you to filter results that show images and excludes articles that require a paid registration. The interface has enhanced downloading features that allow the user to extract the information in search result format, charts or a customized easy-to-create newsletter format.

Search phrase alert

This is a feature that has been added and updated in the platform based on the feedback received from the users. This feature notifies the user with a red checkmark if the search term is incompletely or wrongly typed.

Key Takeaways

They say that the devil is in the details and we believe that it is these small seemingly inconsequential things that give a positive experience to our users. We have revamped Newsdesk with an easy-to-follow help menu and a robust program that helps build graphs and charts at a faster pace. Our aim is to enhance the overall experience and to disperse pertinent and relevant information to our users.

Jan Knight has summarized the key takeaways from our product thus, "Part of the differentiation of Newsdesk is that clients can monitor both traditional media and social media in one tool. Competitive intelligence and brand monitoring are made much simpler with this all-in-one platform, and companies can stay abreast of competition more quickly than before."

We believe that the new revamped Newsdesk will save time for PR professionals and media houses to get relevant data and analysis. As always, our platform is a work in progress, as we continuously offer new features and exciting enhancements that would improve the user experience.