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Researchers and students need access to different kind of content types from a plethora of sources for academic research on a multitude of topics. The days of working through clutters of manuscripts and books are passed with the advent of LexisNexis research database.

The LexisNexis India academic research database consists of very large collections of information collected from highly credible sources from all over the world regardless of the topics. The database employs high-grade research tools for obtaining relevant information for the researcher.

Research in database management systems is sure to find LexisNexis as the most credible and swift of all.

Some features of the Research solutionsoffered by LexisNexis have been discussed here.

High quality of information

The LexisNexis research solutions database provides full-text documents collected from over 17,000 credible sources. The users are also given quick access to comprehensive and authentic news research sources comprising both current news and deep archives. The database research topics encompass a wide variety of subjects.

The LexisNexis database research papers give access to a plethora of research papers published in universities and journals from all over the world. A comprehensive academic solutioncovering all kinds of topics makes life much easier for researchers.

Superior research capability

The Nexis research tool offers a user-friendly interface. There is no requirement of special commands or source selection. The user just needs to type the search word in the blank search

form to commence the operation. Filters have also been provided to enable the users to search for only the relevant documents.

The Nexis Research Solutions Incorporate The Following Tools.

*    Hot topics link to enable the users to search all the latest news directly from the homepage with a single click.

*    Web news obtains information from over 300 credible news websites and other news sources which are not available in the database.

*    Portable widgets allow the users to put the search box on their websites.

*    Permalink tool enables the researchers to find the documents easily at a later time by providing permanent links to the documents.

*    SmartIndexing Technology manages information according to terms such as subject, company, people and much more.

*    Cloud storage technology is used to store the documents. This technology allows the user to download about a maximum of 500 documents at any given time.

Permanent archives

LexisNexis has archives for all the sources. Contents which tend to change with the passage of time are constantly updated.

Legal information from credible legal sources is also available for legal researchers. Business information about domestic and international companies also figures in the research database.

LexisNexis Legal Research Databases

LexisNexis India is a goldmine of information regarding various areas of law such as criminal, corporate, banking, civil, intellectual property and much more. Full judgments and acts by various national and international courts also figure in the database. Other kinds of information such as changes in law, trends in litigation and other legal issues are also available in the database. Articles and commentaries by legal experts also form an important part of the legal information available for legal researchers.

LexisNexis Business Research Database

Business database research includes complete information about companies along with their histories of litigation and business dealings. Business and financial news, industry reports, stock reports, merger and acquisition reports and much more are also available for the users.