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More than often, a dilemma that often ails the professionals is what needs to be done after research for a particular requirement has been completed. Even though you are a financial analyst, development professional, research professional, insurance agent, or any of the professional business leaders, research is a fundamental aspect of the modern work ways. We need to be updated with what’s relevant to your project not just today but maybe a decade ago. With ample research solutions, one can bag a positive stride for the stakeholders and their organizations with accurate and relevant information that ultimately leads to a better stance for decision making.

Research with high-quality content aggregation holds a positive impact for the business which can aptly be seen via the fact that a study conducted by IBM reported that obtaining content that is of poor quality tends to induce a loss of whopping $3.1 Trillion on an annual basis for US-based businesses. A major faction of this low-quality research report comes from incomplete information or lack of effort. Using inaccurate information tends to induce an immeasurable loss for the brands. So here are three tips that can effectively amp up the quality content collection protocol.

1-Get to reputed sources

With the internet as vast as the oceans, you have limitless possibilities when it comes to fetching content sources. However, it’s hard to know which websites can be trusted and which cannot be. To deal with this issue, always go for the trusted sources at the global level or local level such as The Guardian, HuffPost, The New York Times, etc. Scour through the industry leaders and make sure you get yourself the facts that are accountable and backed by a reputable source. However, you do not need to track down top sources by taking so much time. You can save extra effort and time by pairing up with renowned news outlets or market research company that bring you business and news information of premium quality with daily or even hourly updates.

2-Let Content Work for You

Once you establish the right connection with reliable sources for content, make sure you extract all you can for your research from the content. Solutions such as the Nexis can help with content enrichment by addition of elements such as indexing, tagging, and many others. Enriching your content helps with the removal of false hits or the clutter linking you directly with right information while extracting the most relevant information from the list. Even if you are unaware of the keywords for detailed search, the advanced search option can help capture the results that are related to specific industry and look for the exact sentence or phrase that helps locate a deeper insight about the topic of need. LexisNexisSmartIndexing serves as a relevant example based on this functionality that helps you with access quality content while investing the same in a way that brings in results.

3-Global Research

If your content requirement adheres to a global audience, it is better to opt for resources that come from far and wide to ensure that you do not miss out on any critical information. The best part about the internet that we see today is the fact that, regardless of the language the content is available in, you can easily translate the same over the internet. You get a killer combination of information that comes from sources scattered all over the world while making your research worthy and beneficial for the brand.

As stated by the Licensing & Content Operations of LexisNexis, Caryn McEwen, following all these tips ultimately brings in massive results. The use of comprehensive portfolio paired with accurate news data eventually helps the customers acquire insights that come down from industries belonging to multiple geographies with credible sources for information available all in a single place with the help of a research analyst.

Three steps to apply for this information this very instant

  1. If you are struggling with your research; use of solutions such as Nexis helps you extract relevant content regardless of time and place of need.
  2. Want to understand how content drives research efforts? Go through the recent use cases designated for specific industries that have been pitching in their research power to work.
  3. Research Roadblocks? Get connected with experts from a varied domain that create plans for the removal of roadblocks that ultimately bring in real results.

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