Three Press Release Mistakes

Media Intelligence Solutions, LexisNexis BIS

Press releases are basic public relations tools that are drafted for marketing purposes to promote a product, firm, company, event or a brand. Through press releases, the public gets to hear directly from the horse’s mouth hence it needs to be written in the most direct and factual manner.

There is a certain process to writing press release articles. You will need to include all the necessary details about the product/event and explain the important features that are essential to it.

Since press release articles come directly from the company/brand, it is important that they make the right first impression upon the reader. If the story behind the press release is interesting, it might spike the interest of a reporter, who might do a bigger story on the same.

Before you get there, one needs to pause, think and ensure that they are not making basic press release mistakes such as these –

#1 A title that’s neither concise nor interesting

Irrespective of whether you are writing a press release, an article or a blog, an interesting headline is a must. This is more so essential for a press release because your intent for promoting a product/event/brand must entice the readers immediately. The headline must be succinct enough to give the reader a sense of what they are going to read and yet must entice them to read on. Short and snappy headlines that amp up the anticipation works well, so long as you don’t go all the way and write a click-baiting headline. Catchy headlines with a viral tone work the best for press releases. Using subheadings all through the article is also a prudent idea as it gives the reader a real sense of what they would be reading.

#2 Your lead isn't strong enough

Your lead is basically the information that you are trying to promote. It might be an event that is happening soon or the launch of a new product. The lead information of a press release must be given right at the beginning. Press releases that choose to bury the lead within layers of promotional drivel tend to lose readers who would ultimately question the point of your article in the first place.  The trick is to be concise and direct in your lead and make it interesting enough for the reader to continue.

#3 The copy is too promotional

A press release is written to garner interest among the populace but one needs to maintain a balance. Making a press release article overtly promotional is novice mistake that could cost you, readers. Though the intent of press release is to promote your brand, product or event, it needs to be done subtly. Blatant promotions and headstrong statements must be avoided as it might come across as being tacky and tasteless. Subtlety is the key here and sticking to factual information that can be easily proved and verified will make your press release more credible to read.

Even a press release can have a strong human-interest angle to it so long as it includes the relevant and succinct details. Testimonies and quotes from customers, brand ambassadors, company heads add value and perspective to the press release articles.