The CORE Advantage:
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With an unmatched global content collection enhanced through normalization and metadata enrichments, Nexis® Data as a Service (DaaS) delivers the highly-relevant, archival and current data organizations require for a broad range of big data research initiatives and specialized artificial intelligence applications. And that’s where the CORE advantage begins.

What sets LexisNexis apart from other Data as a Service providers?

With a history of innovation and established technology pedigree, LexisNexis continues to push the boundaries of cutting-edge technologies and develop intelligent algorithms to support the needs of the data-driven companies of today and the future.




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Meet our easy-to-integrate APIs


Nexis® Metabase - News and Social commentary API

If information is the fuel your company and clients need, think of the Nexis® Metabase news and social commentary API as your pipeline to insight. Metabase, an open-source business intelligence tool lets you know about your data in formats that make sense, either in graphical representation or a detailed table in databases. Metabase provides a simple, intuitive user interface (UI) to users to run queries and fetch clear results that can be formatted in different ways. It is integrated with powerful tools like MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon Redshift to share data and analytics. API (Application Programming Interface) act as a mediator between two softwares to communicate with each other. Using the Metabase application, one can perform an action using the API, such as adding a user or creating a dashboard. The developer tools in the browser is then used to view the request Metabase made to the server when that action was performed.

Power your application, platform, research or analytics with a single XML feed offering access to a stream of open web and licensed content. Nexis® Metabase makes it easy to extract business intelligence from the most comprehensive, global content collection in the industry.

Metabase Brochure

Do you need an API to Power your platform with a single XML feed of licensed content?

Delivering Media Intelligence to Customers Worldwide

See how the global source coverage in Metabase helps one company earn customer trust though media analytics that keep them informed about their own brands and ahead of their competitors.

Uncovering Actionable Insights from Global Media

Find out why one company calls Metabase an “intelligence-gathering power tool.” Simple integration, provides a cost-effective software platform for business insights plus an enormous source universe, helps both in-house analysts and self-service clients capture actionable media intelligence .

See how Nexis DaaS empowers big data research

Financial Trend Analysis

Use big data related to hedge fund news for financial trend analysis, quant modeling or predictive analytics based on event/price correlations to generate business insights and drive measurable value.

Corporate Data Science

Easily integrate print and online news data feeds into machine learning applications and access billions of relevant documents and data points to support business-critical data analytics.

Risk & Supply Management

Stay on top of emerging industry trends, regulatory changes, and potential disruptive events that could pose a risk with adverse online news articles, sanctions, PEPs and watchlist data integration.

Academic Research

Feed or retrieve relevant current and historical news articles, patents data, scientific and legal content into your data analysis tools to strengthen your R&D data analysis and interpretation, fuel innovation and achieve breakthrough technologies and insights from a single dashboard.


Integrate relevant news and social media datasets into trend analysis applications and predictive analytics tools to conduct market data analysis, gauge brand performance and gain constructive competitor intelligence.

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