LexisNexis® Social Analytics


LexisNexis ® Social Analytics (powered by Talkwalker) is a social data intelligence platform that allows you to gain insight into the social media around your brand or competitor. This allows you to make the best possible corporate decisions.

If you do not have the time or resources to independently and deeply analyze the data, use LexisNexis ® Social Insight Reports. We analyze the findings for you and prepare graphical analyses according to your requirements.

Go with the times and get the most out of your social media presence.

Powerful Social Listening

Never miss a conversation

Social Listening

Discover global social media coverage across 187 languages

  • Hear what's being said about your brand, products, and campaigns across global social networks
  • Leverage social conversations to better understand your brand positioning
  • Proactively monitor for crisis situations to protect your reputation

Insightful Social Media Analytics


Gain actionable insight from 10+ social networks and 150M websites

  • Turn data from social conversations into meaningful insights
  • Leverage analytics tools such as image recognition, virality mapping, geolocation tagging, sentiment analysis, hashtag tracking and much more
  • Identify patterns, follow trends, and assess performance gaps in your campaigns

Fast & Efficient

Social Media Reporting

Social Media Reporting

Automatic report creation allows you to share social insights quickly and efficiently

  • Bring reports and data to life by including visual analysis charts and graphs in your reporting
  • Save time spent manually preparing social KPI reports with customizable, multi-format reporting options
  • Highlight successes and areas worthy of attention quickly and easily across your organization

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Channel Analytics

Automatic image recognition


Virality Maps

Virality Map

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