Can Your Media Intelligence Solution Do That? Seven Features Your Media Intelligence Solution Must Have

10 September 2020 17:10

Communications pros need best-in-class media intelligence

These are challenging times for PR and other communications pros. The media landscape continues to change by the day, and the pressure to stay on top of it all—while doing so within smaller budgets—increases nearly as fast. This is why you need the most robust and versatile media intelligence solution available:  Nexis Newsdesk™.Sure, we’re biased, but when you compare Newsdesk to the competition, we rise above helping you to do the same.

What Communications Pros Need

Does Newsdesk Deliver?

Does the Competitors?

We live in flat world, where commerce and corporate reputations know few, if any, boundaries. This requires a media intelligence solution that is truly global in scope.

The Newsdesk databases span the globe and serve up content in an integrated, intuitive dashboard.


Their coverage is typically more regional than global—and that can cause you a world of hurt.

The media ecosystem is vast and ever-changing. As such, you need a solution that delivers results for all media types and channels.

Newsdesk covers the entire media landscape including paid content, broadcast, blogs and specialty trades.


Their media coverage usually isn’t nearly as exhaustive, leaving you constantly wondering about what you may have missed.

You need to monitor and analyze media beyond what web searches will unveil, otherwise you could miss niche and proprietary content about your company and its competitors.

Newsdesk tracks content that goes way deeper than web searches,  plus you can share the content knowing you’re copyright compliant.


Their searches are often nowhere near as wide or deep, so you miss out on proprietary content–just like with web searches.

News travels faster than ever. So you need to be able to easily and quickly share relevant intelligence across your organization—and in a manner that’s easy for busy decision-makers to digest.

Newsdesk makes sharing simple,with customizable distribution tools, including near real-time alerts, embeddable charts and graphs, branded newsletters and RSS feeds.


Their options for disseminating information aren’t as intuitive or customizable, limiting your ability to communicate—and impress.

With increasing focus on effectiveness and ROI, you need easy-to-use measurement and analysis tools to demonstrate the impact of your efforts.

Newsdesk delivers these tools including the ability to benchmark against competitors.


Their measurement and analysis tools are often clunky and nowhere near as insightful, meaning you’ll need to invest more of what you likely don’t have: time.

Social media has become a truly powerful channel for improving or harming a brand’s reputation. This is why you need a solution that lets you quickly find out what people are saying online.

Newsdesk allows users to curate their own “self service” social media searches within Twitter and monitor public Facebook pages, all within the Newsdesk platform.


Their social media coverage relies on multiple external vendors to compile a comprehensive snapshot.

To get to the best insights and action plans, you sometimes need to supplement technology with human judgment and discernment.

For users who need an additional level of analysis, our Media Intelligence Research & Analytics Group can help evaluate your data and deliver customized newsletters and reports.


Their solutions typically don’t offer the option of expert human analysis—and if they do, they don’t match the capabilities of our top-flight team.

Now you see why we so confidently call Newsdesk the very best media intelligence solution available. Once you try it, you’ll describe it the same way.

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