Come over to the Dark Side or the Light: It's Your Choice with the Nexis® Visual Redesign

16 August 2021 00:00

Nexis Redesign

With an ever-expanding source universe and powerful search technology, Nexis is the go-to solution for conducting comprehensive searches that yield highly-relevant results. But we aren’t resting on our laurels. In fact, we regularly ask our customers for input, and that has been the catalyst for a visual redesign of the products within the Nexis Solutions portfolio—starting with our flagship research solution.

Flexible, streamlined design meets the needs of different users

Before we explore what’s changed, let’s talk about what hasn’t:

  • You still have access to 40,000+ sources—including 3X as many licensed sources as our closest competitor.
  • You still enjoy exceptional results relevance thanks pre- and post-search filters that make it easier to separate noteworthy information from noise.
  • And you still have options for sharing the insights you uncover—from setting up Alerts to stay informed on the fly to creating Newsletters in a few clicks to share with others across your business.

What’s different? One feature that has proven popular already is support for Dark or Light mode. You’ll now see a small switch on the Home/Landing page that allows you to click to switch modes, according to your work environment and personal preference. For anyone familiar with the eye strain that comes with prolonged screen time, the ability to switch between Dark and Light mode is a nice option. In addition, the visual redesign includes a clean, two-column format that organizes information to make it easy to read at a glance.

Currently, the Home/Landing page, Power Search page, Results page, and Document page feature the updated visual design, with the Newsletter/Report Builder pages to follow. Eventually, we’ll be rolling out the look across our other solutions, so stay tuned for updates!

Learn more about Nexis here!

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