How Media Intelligence Can Contribute to Your Social Media Presence

17 February 2021 10:30

Communications professional develops a social media message strategy based on trends she uncovers with Newsdesk.

Nexis Newsdesk™ is a powerful tool that helps you uncover trends as they are emerging and develop your own valuable insights. Once you gather these trends and insights, there’s no need to keep them to yourself! Why not use your media intelligence to serve up bite-sized morsels of goodness to your social media followers?  Read on to discover how Newsdesk can help you develop message strategy, consider the right channels and creatively package key insights for your social presence.

A Message with Some Meaning

Before you start creating social media content, you need to frame a campaign with a solid message strategy. What themes support your business goals? Do you want to grow awareness with more prospects? Are you trying to nurture prospects through the marketing funnel and convert them to a sale? Take stock of your primary business objectives and develop a message strategy that supports those efforts.

Here are some examples:

  • Inform: Need to get your brand in front of more qualified prospects? Use Newsdesk to uncover trends that are important to your industry, then use what you learn to build a strategy that informs your followers about key insights.
  • Educate: Your prospects might have questions about what you offer. Can you save your customers time or money? Do you have a unique value proposition they can’t get anywhere else? Develop a message strategy that uses your social channels to educate while you promote your business.
  • Convince: Sometimes qualified prospects just need a little bit more convincing before they close the deal. Develop a message strategy that promotes your brand using the coverage you secure in the media. This can help validate your brand or organization’s strengths and highlight the successes you’re already achieving with existing customers.

Right Place, Right Time

Many times, achieving success in business is a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Your social media efforts have a better chance of connecting with your targets if you show up in the channels they’re already using. Make sure you consider each platform and the type of social content that really shines there.

  • Twitter and Facebook: These are platforms that many people are already comfortable with because it’s how they connect with friends and family, so smart businesses are looking for appropriate ways to show up there, too. Twitter and Facebook are great ways to highlight the earned media coverage you’re tracking in Newsdesk or to redirect self-generated content back to your website.
  • LinkedIn: As the premiere business-focused social media forum, LinkedIn makes for a great place to show off your thought leadership prowess. Use Newsdesk to uncover key industry trends, then tap your executive leadership and SMEs to generate longer-form content that digs into your product or business solutions. You can promote these thought leadership pieces directly on your corporate LinkedIn page, and your executives can share with their own networks via their personal LinkedIn profiles.
  • Instagram: If you have a very visual brand or product, Instagram is a great place to establish a connection with your customers and prospects. You can look for stock photography on Shutterstock or capture quick pics with your mobile phone to create imagery that relates to trends you discover within Newsdesk.

It’s Time to Get a Little Creative

Film Directors TalkingSocial media is a great outlet to test-and-learn new ideas. The global community is generating new content each day, and that volume of material creates the perfect opportunity for you to embrace a startup mentality and “fail fast.”

Here are a few thought-starters:

  • Have a very dynamic executive or SME who is a born conversationalist or comfortable with presenting? Test out a company podcast or video series, You can also create video case studies,or profile customers who are superfans of your product or business.
  • Infographics are a strong way to demonstrate how-tos or show each step in a process. If you have access to a great graphic designer or strong digital capabilities, you can use interactive or static infographics to illustrate important trends you identify through Newsdesk. Long-form content is a great source of information for social media, too. If you regularly create technical white papers or multi-page case studies highlighting a business success, you can atomize it into social media gold. Share a link to the original content and you can count on growing your website traffic, too.
  • Whether you’re trying to inform, educate or convince, an important part of establishing credibility is to shine a spotlight outside of yourself. Newsdesk delivers coverage from around the world, right to your fingertips; use the topic and trends you’re already monitoring to shine the spotlight on complementary brands or organizations within your industry, or to inform your content calendar development.

Newsdesk is a powerful partner for you to gather insights and uncover trends. When you tap into the data, you can find a wealth of information that is ripe for sharing with your followers. Just take a minute to plot out a message strategy, determine the right channels for your audience, and start getting a little creative with your content. Your followers will be following up with you in no time!

Looking for new insights, trends or just a good media monitoring & analysis tool? Try Newsdesk and / or Nexis Social Analytics. Request a demo via the form.

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