Media Literacy: Some Resources to Reference

22 February 2021 12:20

Fake news is a global problem requiring more media literacy

In our era of abundant fake news and disinformation, there’s broad, global consensus that media literacy is a necessary skill for all citizens.The ability to discern what is and isn’t fake news, what information is and isn’t to be trusted, is essential our individual and collective progress. As such, we wanted to share some media literacy resources. After all, the more we all live in a fact-based world, the better for each and every one of us.

A Global Phenomenon

The Poynter Institute for Media Studies provides a running list of the steps many nations are taking to combat fake news. From laws in Kenya, France and and Malaysia to the creation of fact-checking sites and public information campaigns in The Netherlands, Canada and Australia, many countries are taking steps to fight the spread of misinformation.

It’s Not Just About Politics

While fake news is frequently framed in a political context, misinformation impacts every aspect of society, including business, of course. Here’s an article from Forbes magazine that offers tips for how companies can guard against fake news. And here’s an article about how to refute fake news about your company.

Checking - And Double-Checking - the Facts

We must all be careful about accepting any news or information at face value. Not only should we check the facts that we’re immediately skeptical about, but also those pieces of data we’ve embraced as accurate but can’t name on whose authority we made that decision. Here’s a list of fact-checking organizations around the world. Remember, however, to do your due diligence on any fact-checking sources you decide to rely on. Yes, in today’s world, even the fact-checkers need a fact-checking now and then.

It’s Never Too Young to Get Started

Since media literacy is a topic that touches every aspect of our lives, it has relevance to virtually every academic subject. If you or someone you know is an educator, there are a host of free online lesson plans and other resources. Teachers, students and parents can find resources from the Newseum and Edutopia, among many others.

Ebook Calculating The Business

A Timely e-Book for You

There are, fortunately, a growing number of organizations championing the need for media literacy. While their focuses and approaches vary, each is committed to creating a more fact-based world. One of the most highly regarded of these groups is the Center for Media Literacy. This organization, and its President and CEO, Tessa Jolls, played a prominent role in shaping our new e-Book, “Building a Pathway to Trust through Media Literacy,” which you can download for free here.

If we all do our part to ensure that media literacy is taught and promoted in our personal and business communities, the world will be a better place. And that, we believe, is a fact.

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