Nexis® Solutions Collaboration Adds New Levels of Data Quality, Convenience, Speed to WorkFusion’s Adverse Media Monitoring Solution

25 January 2021 16:00

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RALEIGH, NC, January 21st, 2021 — WorkFusion and Nexis Solutions — a division of LexisNexis® — have announced a new collaboration which aims to enhance how banking and regulated corporate sectors conduct Adverse Media Monitoring and wider reputational risk management.

WorkFusion® offers Intelligent Automation solutions are powered by proprietary artificial intelligence technology, including pre-trained bots. Nexis Solutions offers wide-ranging, timely news and business information from both open source and licensed content — including 80,000+ news sources from 100+ countries, in 75 languages, with 3.5 million documents added every day.

With this collaboration, teams can now take 80–90% off the time they formerly spent just searching through news for mentions, and instead use that valuable time for identifying indicators of potential risk. The financial industry average is 20 minutes or more for a single manual keyword search, but with Intelligent Automation, this same task requires just 1–2 minutes. An organization can perform this increasingly essential function on a daily basis, for the same cost and with the same team already in place, but with even better control, insight and automatically generated audit trails. Most WorkFusion automation solutions can be deployed in 15 weeks or faster, providing unmatched time to value.

This collaboration advances how the banking industry performs Adverse Media Monitoring within their business processes — including onboarding, ongoing monitoring, and transaction monitoring. It will also support wider corporate adverse media screening and help companies to better identify reputational risks.

Mark Dunn, General Manager at Nexis Solutions says, “We are delighted to collaborate with WorkFusion to further enable companies to apply innovative technology and the extensive data sets available from Nexis Solutions to help monitor and mitigate third-party ethical and reputational risks.”

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