Source Spotlight: Expert Financial & Legal Sector Market Research from IRN Research

14 October 2021 10:30

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At its core, market intelligence depends on capturing relevant information from multiple sources to build out a comprehensive view of an existing market, trends over time, its customers, and competitors—all to gain insights into potential risks or growth opportunities. With the addition of IRN Research to our portfolio of research platforms, including Nexis® and Nexis Uni® , you have access to market research focused on the financial and legal services markets in the UK. This portfolio of reports and research data is valuable to financial institutions, investors, regulators, law firms, government, and academic researchers. Updates to annual reports are published monthly, throughout the year. What does IRN Research include?

Get to know your audience better with consumer research reports

Among IRN Research’s Orchard Reports™ series, consumer research reports contain expert analysis of consumer surveys, which gather responses from between 500 to 2,000 UK consumers of financial and legal services. Reports cover consumer profiles, behaviour, service use and satisfaction, brand awareness, and attitudes toward market changes and must include benchmarking against results from previous surveys:

* BTE Legal Insurance * Banking Reputation * Mobile Phone Insurance
* Consumer Legal Services * Mortgage Customer Journey * Motor Breakdown Insurance
* Conveyancing * First-Time Buyers * Motor Insurance
* Family Law * Mortgage Holders * Pet Insurance
* Personal Injury * Consumer Investments * Pension Income
* SME Legal Services * Financial Advice * Pension Savings
* Wills & Probate * Wealthy Investors * Workplace Pensions
  * General Insurance Trends * Travel Insurance
  * Home Insurance * BTE Legal Insurance
   * Inheritance Planning
   * Funeral Planning

These reports can help you:

  • Identify shifts in consumer needs, preferences, and expectations
  • Inform development of future products or services
  • Fine-tune marketing and sales efforts to drive higher engagement

And IRN Research doesn’t stop with consumer research.

Market reports dig into the past, present and future

Market reports focus on market size and trends, sector structure and supplier profiles, key market developments and issues, market drivers and obstacles, future trends and forecasts. These cover a variety of market segments, including the following titles:

* B2B Legal Services * Buy-to-Let Market
* Clinical Negligence * First-Time Buyers
* Conveyancing * Mortgage Holders
* Family Law * Consumer Investments
* Medico-Legal & Insurance * Retail Financial Advisors
* Personal Injury * Wealthy Investors
* UK Legal Services * Retirement Planning
* Wills, Probate & Trusts * UK Pensions Market
  * Home Insurance
  * Motor Insurance

The legal market reports also include practitioner opinion surveys.

David Mort, IRN Research Director, notes, “We have been researching the financial services and legal services sectors for over a decade and continue to monitor the many major changes in these markets and their impact on specific market segments. We offer a combination of regular industry, company, and consumer data and analysis on these markets, which are a valuable resource for business executives, policy makers, and researchers.”

A perfect addition to our world-leading news & company data

As IRN Research releases content, it is added to the LexisNexis® source universe within 48 hours of publication. When you select IRN Research as a source in Nexis, Nexis Uni, Nexis Diligence™ or Lexis®, results will display an abstract, with a link through to the full PDF report and tables. In addition to the most recent reports and survey data, the archive over 120 reports allows you to track trends over time. When combined with our global sources of premium print, broadcast and web news, deep company and executive data, mergers and acquisitions and other high-value sources—you can carry out critical market intelligence research with greater efficiency and help your organization have the insights it needs to empower winning performance.

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