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Are you looking for XML-based, semi-structured data to power the data analysis and interpretation applications your organization relies on for digital transformation? Our expanding source universe encompasses current and archival news data from print and web sources. Connect to our easy-to-integrate APIs so the right data flows into your data analysis tools—from machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics to historical trend analysis and financial modeling.

Outstanding source variety for enterprise data integrations

For more than 40 years, LexisNexis has built solid relationships with global news and data providers in support of relevant data aggregation spanning a multitude of sources and topics. Nexis DaaS APIs empower organizations with a curated content corpus of normalized big data. Unmatched for their variety and volume, the datasets link organizations to the information needed for qualitative and quantitative data analysis and ultimately, success-fueling insights.

As your data services provider, LexisNexis offers:

News data

In addition to leading daily newspapers from around the world, we offer transcripts of radio and television broadcast reporting, providing broad and deep coverage of political, social, and economic drivers and commentary on local to international events. Nexis DaaS also includes global online news sources across 75 languages and 100+ countries, with millions of articles and posts added per day.

Company & Industry Data

Regardless of the data analysis methods and tools deployed by organizations, the scope of business data available through Nexis DaaS spans company profiles, corporate hierarchies, company and financial reports, M&A activities and more, for running financial trend analysis, brand portfolio tracking, and other big data applications.

Legal Data

Within the vast universe of legal data available through Nexis DaaS, organizations can find the data needed across the enterprise. Companies can tap into global treatises and U.S. court dockets, risk management and compliance data on PEPs, sanctions and watchlists, or supply management information related to manufacturing and shipping for in-depth data analysis.

Magazines & trade journals

Our content aggregation captures pertinent magazines and trade journals, offering critical perspectives and intelligence on industry drivers and company events.

Intellectual Property & Patents Data

Aggregated content from more than 80 data sources and patent authorities can help organizations develop innovative technologies and new products.

Newswires & press releases

LexisNexis maintains a continuously updating database offering current data on the events and stories of the day for uncovering valuable competitive intelligence.

Discover how the comprehensive data at the CORE of Nexis DaaS feeds big data initiatives. Contact us for access to our developer’s portal, sample files, and sample schema.


Access semi-structured datasets aligned to your specific data needs, via easy-to-integrate Bulk or RESTful APIs to energize big data projects including trend analysis, machine learning, predictive analytics and more.

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Give your data analysis tools better fuel with smart content enriched with expertly-applied semantic analysis to drive precision search, increased relevance and faster discovery for quantitative and qualitative data analysis.

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Move from data integration to actionable insights by choosing an experienced Data as a Service partner. LexisNexis®, a trusted content aggregator for business and legal organizations for more than 45+ years, pioneered the use of machine learning and data visualization in our applications, decades before their mainstream use.

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See how Nexis DaaS empowers big data research

Financial Trend Analysis

Use big data related to hedge fund news for financial trend analysis, quant modeling or predictive analytics based on event/price correlations to generate business insights and drive measurable value.

Corporate Data Science

Easily integrate print and online news data feeds into machine learning applications and access billions of relevant documents and data points to support business-critical data analytics.

Risk & Supply Management

Stay on top of emerging industry trends, regulatory changes, and potential disruptive events that could pose a risk with adverse online news articles, sanctions, PEPs and watchlist data integration.

Academic Research

Feed or retrieve relevant current and historical news articles, patents data, scientific and legal content into your data analysis tools to strengthen your R&D data analysis and interpretation, fuel innovation and achieve breakthrough technologies and insights from a single dashboard.


Integrate relevant news and social media datasets into trend analysis applications and predictive analytics tools to conduct market data analysis, gauge brand performance and gain constructive competitor intelligence.

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