IP DataDirect-Patents

IP DataDirect-Patents delivers large volumes of patent data directly to the customer.

IP DataDirect-Patents offers selections from an unprecedented, industry leading collection of patent information. The selection of data is exactly to your wishes and delivered in the shape and time that is required.

You can get the data:

»   from 102 authorities at once

»   in a single format

»   selected on specific data elements

»   in the frequency you need: constantly updated or in just one delivery

»   with additional unique elements such as full-text machine translations, normalized assignee names, searchable PDF’s, and others

With IP DataDirect-Patents you will get the data you need in the most complete form available in the market.


» Comprehensive Patent Information in Bulk - in One Place
Get the patent data you need. IP DataDirect-Patents provides worldwide patent information from national patent offices in bulk. Using advanced data fabrication processes and database management, the most comprehensive and detailed collection of intellectual property data is compiled into one international patent database.

» Millions of Patent Documents - in One Place
Ensure that you’re not missing important data. IP DataDirect-Patents offers more than 80 million fully searchable, multi-page, bookmarked, compressed PDF patent documents.

» Enhanced Content for Improved Research
Benefit from broader and deeper copyright content. IP DataDirect-Patents provides value added elements, such as machine translations, citations data, legal status, family data and normalised assignee names.

» Targeted Information and Results
Take full advantage of the comprehensive patent information available through IP DataDirect-Patents. The data delivery service provides specific information based on client requirements and makes the results available in one standardised format, XML ST.36.

» Patent files delivered and updated for easy access
Get your results when you need them. With IP DataDirect-Patents, Patent back-files are delivered on recordable media and updates will be made available through one these options: SOAP / HTTP/REST API, URL (http/s), FTP retrieval, Encrypted, single-usage URL with E-Mail delivery option, search API.

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