Increase the value of your PR activities.

Whether you are a public relations agency wanting to demonstrate your value to your customers or a marketer aiming to get the highest possible return on investment in PR and marketing campaigns, measuring the media value of online and offline coverage is a logical first step.

How to calculate PR value? Measuring PR value starts with media monitoring. You need to be able to track articles about your company, products or services, both information from national and international media as well as "the voice of the customer" heard through social networks, blogs and Twitter.

But wouldn't it be useful if you also had direct access to information on news reports about your competitors and customers' opinions of their brands, products and services? If you were able to monitor trends, track the media impact of campaigns or carry out further research using PR value monitoring tool? If you could share information with the right people in your organization at any time and in any format?

LexisNexis MediaPortal offers precisely this information and these functionalities. All of it is visible on your screen, at a glance. Efficient and effective. MediaPortal offers:

PR value
Measure the media value of articles, both in newspapers and on a selection of websites. This unique method provides you with an insight on the profitability and value of your PR, media or social media campaign. Track developments over time and display the effects of campaigns in charts using the pr value checking software.

At-a-glance media monitoring and analyses
Manage your reputation and keep tabs, via one research portal, on what is being said and written about your company, brands and competitors in the online and offline media. The Snapshots feature of MediaPortal lets you browse search results and then quickly select relevant articles for PR analyses.

Sentiment analysis
Gain insight regarding the tone of information in relation to the entity or subject, rather than just the general tone of an article. MediaPortal specifically analyses for sentiment, applying a cross-border analysis, in 10 different languages, including Dutch, English, Arabic, French and Russian.

Perform trend analyses
Use archived information in combination with the latest news to analyse trends and manage your reputation. MediaPortal's digital newspaper archive is a unique feature offering news, company information and market data.

Share information in your organisation
Keep colleagues or customers updated with the results of your research and analyses. MediaPortal makes it easy to share information internally or externally. You can use alerts, your intranet, or mobile applications. You can create searchable dossiers to store articles for later access by colleagues.

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 Newsdesk benefits at a glance
  • Huge number of (inter)national sources
  • Early discovery of trends and developments
  • Effective reputation management
  • Realistic assessment of PR value
  • Time saving automatic searches and alerts
  • Easy and customizable distribution of most relevant articles and analysis