Manage supplier risk with LexisNexis® SmartWatch

For companies with a lot of different suppliers, effective supply chain risk management (SCRM) analysis can mean the difference between profit and loss, between loss of reputation or even litigation and smooth sailing. Fortunately, now there is a supply chain risk management software/tool that lets you easily anticipate and manage supplier risk, minimise supply chain disruptions, prevent litigation and protect your reputation.

LexisNexis SmartWatch is a visual dashboard and alerting tool that leverages a wide range of market intelligence you won't find on the open Web. Beyond just a financial stress score, it highlights a wide range of supplier risks to help you gain a comprehensive view of your suppliers.

SmartWatch is the ideal supply chain risk management analysis business tool to perform vendor due diligence quickly and thoroughly, but it also allows you to continuously monitor existing vendors, alerting you when potential troubles arise.

LexisNexis SmartWatch allows you to:

Proactively monitor for various types of vendor risk - beyond just a financial stress score—including political, economic, societal, technological, legal and environmental.

Get access to a vast collection of content from around the world - including news publications, industry and trade journals, legal and regulatory publications, business journals, analytical sources and more. This includes information on private companies beyond what they self-report and information not found via Web searches alone.

Monitor thousands of suppliers - from critical to not so critical, and even down to the raw material level, so you get a complete view of your entire supply chain.

See risk more easily - supplier risks are scored, color-coded, and displayed on a visual dashboard for easy scanning and pinpointing of problem areas including natural disasters, regulatory changes, product recalls, reputational risk, country risks and much more.