Our content can be delivered to you in variety of delivery options

Web Service Kit

Is an XML-base application programming interface (API) that can seamlessly integrate premium LexisNexis content into your application.

Distributed News Feeds

17k of near real-time licensed news and business publications delivered in one unified XML feed; plus each article is tagged for detailed indexing and analytics.

Distributed Platform

Deliver content into your product offering in XHTML, NITF v3.0, and v 2.5 format emails, newsletters, RSS feeds, and mobile devices using Java and HTML.

Web Parts

Quickly surface news and business intelligence into SharePoint applications. LexisNexis supports User ID, Password, Client Matter, SSS and is Web parts, portlets,and JSR 168 compliant.


Allows users to build durable links to specific documents, sources, and searches.

Metabase API

A single, unified API allows users to integrate targeted news and social media into their application, platform, research or analytics. To learn more about Metabase API.

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