Conflict of Interest Report

Without a well-thought-out plan to prevent conflicts of interest, your organization faces the risk of financial and reputational losses, as well as fines for violation of anti-corruption and anti-trust laws. Screening potential suppliers, agents, and dealers will help minimize these risks.

As the market leader in business information and supply chain risk solutions, LexisNexis is uniquely qualified to help you reduce vendor risk. Let us do the hard work for you and screen your potential business partners!

The Conflict of Interest Report thoroughly vets potential suppliers, partners, agents, and dealers (SPADs) worldwide and verifies their affiliation with persons of interest to you. The report contains a  list of potential SPADs, an independent assessment of their reliability and affiliation with persons of interest to you, individual offers and other documents from the SPADs.

LexisNexis offers the following Lexis Conflict of Interest reports

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Depending on the market, we identify companies that provide the services you need and give you information about the structure of the company, its directors, contact data, revenue, types of activity, and other relevant information.

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GOLD Report

This report includes all the information from the Silver Report, plus the possibility to outsource your search for new suppliers, agents, and dealers.

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Premium content access

Tap into a broad range of market intelligence and news sources that are unavailable—or behind multiple paywalls—on the open web.

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The Platinum Report includes all the information from the Gold Report, plus specific information about the industry, with detailed information such as SWОТ analysis, historical data, and growth forecast.

The Conflict of Interest Report allows you to increase the transparency of your selection of suppliers and agents worldwide and supports your compliance program in choosing market solutions.

Conflict of interest report

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