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kycKnow Your Customer or KYC is the part of due diligence that primarily deals with the verification of customers which includes checking personal and professional details in order to protect your company from people involved in financial crimes. KYC Report would yield negative news, hits on Sanctions lists, watch lists, PEP lists, identify hidden ownerships or involvement in money laundering, fraud, tax evasion, bribery, financial terrorism and other crimes about your customers and their associates. A KYC analysis is essential as per Money Laundering Directives to avoid getting fined or suffer reputational damages or even imprisoned due to non-compliance.

A professional KYC tool allows you to uncover the necessary background information on companies and individuals through valid databases via a single platform that provides you with comprehensive analysis and detailed reports in a matter of seconds.

Companies are expected to meet these risk and compliance requirements in an environment in which budgets and resources are under pressure and new opportunities to create more efficient business processes are being searched for.

Preventing money laundering
Third party entities have to be verified and beneficial owners as well as politically exposed persons (PEPs) should undergo specific due diligence checks.

Preventing bribery and corruption
Regulator authorities expect companies to implement effective third party due diligence practices to reduce the risk of bribery and corruption. Third parties include sales agents, joint venture partners, resellers and more.

Following sanctions
Companies have to follow national and international sanctions regimes. Traditionally, this part of the screening process is associated with the financial sector but is now also more and more important for the corporate sector.

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Know Your Customer Reports

Lexis® KYC Report-Standard report

The reputation of the people and companies you choose to work with can directly affect your business and brand.

  • Detailed information about the company: corporate structure, activities, contact information, number of employees.
  • Shareholder information, members of the Board of Directors, officials, and managers.
  • Commercial activities of the company, business partners, financial information, accounting statements.
  • Financial risk assessment.

Lexis® KYC Gold Report - Expanded report

Doing business with someone who is or has been compromised in corruption cases can be a real financial and reputational risk.

  • All the information that's in the KYC Report
  • Government and political ties: vetting the company,  shareholders, and directors against PEP lists
  • Checking the company against the sanctions list and other watch lists
  • Media monitoring for negative news coverage
  • Litigation database: review of local and global judicial databases.

Lexis® KYC Platinum Report - Premium Report

We collect data and create reports on companies anywhere in the world.

  • All the information that's in the KYC Report + KYC Gold Report
  • Site monitoring
  • Tenders
  • Telephone discussion with company representatives
  • M & A history
  • Market analysis of similar companies (up to 3 companies)

Lexis® Check Person - Individual vetting

  • Personal information
  • Address
  • Biographical information
  • Business connections and core activity
  • Solvency (credit history, bankruptcy)
  • Property ownership (shares, real estate)
  • Loans, assets, history of criminal cases
  • Media monitoring for negative news coverage
  • Checking against sanctions and PEP lists

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