Strengthen your risk media monitoring for secure business growth

Designed as a cost-effective, off-the-shelf solution, LexisNexis Entity Insight helps you proactively manage risk in your supplier and third party portfolio. Unlike negative news monitoring using a traditional search engine and alerts, LexisNexis Entity Insight leverages a wide range of market.

Adopt third party risk management driven by PESTLE analysis framework. Designed for procurement, supply chain and compliance professionals, LexisNexis Entity Insight uses a proprietary risk scoring algorithm built around the PESTLE analysis framework. This framework—which encompasses Political, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors—provides context for risk media monitoring. LexisNexis Entity Insight enables you to:
  • Conduct on-going monitoring across a comprehensive, global media collection spanning news, industry and trade journals, legal and regulatory publications, business journals, sanctions and PEP lists, and more.
  • Quickly identify issues that pose potential risks, ranging from natural disasters and product recalls to regulatory changes and non-compliance with anti-bribery and corruption (ABC), anti-money laundering (AML) or modern slavery laws and conventions.
  • Make informed, preemptive decisions about the third parties your company relies on.LexisNexis Entity Insight delivers analytics and results visualization helps you gain a more complete view of your supply chain and third party network so you can anticipate and manage risk more effectively.
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