Spot upcoming competitors and disruptive innovations early on


With PatentSight® unique ownership data, visualization capabilities and Patent Asset Index-based trend metrics, you are able to spot trends earlier.

  • Identify disruptive technologies.
  • Reveal R&D trends.
  • Explore complementary technologies.

The flexibility of the platform allows you to explore the patent landscape in any way you find insightful or simply exploit our harmonized ownership and patent classification data to quickly find and analyze technologies of interest.

Watch as Apple conquers the Smartwatch market

Watch the video to see when and how Apple Inc. entered the wristwatch market and its path to disruption. PatentSight enables you to constantly keep track of any developments in any technological area.

Learn How to Identify Disruptive Players Early With Advanced Patent Analytics

What if it was possible to spot disruptive trends early on to better prepare to capitalize on market shifts?

Apple has become a leader in the watch market within just 2 years. As with the iPad, iPod and Apple computers before it, the Apple Watch has been a clearly disruptive force. Millions of dollars in revenue were thus withdrawn from the traditional watch market. An event that occurs in many industries today and that every company tries to predict in the best possible way.

Drill down to a detailed view of patents with just one click


Easily drill down to the core of every patent. On the document level, you can access full English translations for:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Claims
  • Description
  • Drawings
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