One platform to leverage social data

Nexis® Social Analytics helps you get the most from the billions of social posts and conversations that are growing across the globe every second.Leverage Nexis® Social Analytics to:

Measure the success of your campaigns

  • Set meaningful goals for campaigns using a wide range of social KPI's
  • Identify and approach key figures linked to campaigns in real time
  • Make campaign reporting simple with easy-to-use reporting functions

Learn what's important to your social audience

  • Improve campaign targeting by knowing social audience preferences by segment
  • Reduce risk by having a clearer idea of customer needs before a product of campaign launch
  • Inspire your audience to act by using social data to speak their language

Benchmark against your competitors

  • Uncover social best practices in your market by tracking relevant social KPI's
  • Benchmark performance by comparing against industry averages
  • Determine levels of brand awareness by tracking share of voice by country and region

Enhance your customers' experience

  • Identify customer pain points by analyzing discussions on social networks and public forums
  • Improve social customer service by using smart filters and tagging to sort through customer responses
  • Benchmark social customer support efforts using sentiment-based social KPI's

Understand what drives consumer behavior

  • Align your brand message with consumer needs by learning what drives consumer sentiment
  • Refine brand messaging using sentiment analysis and emotion tracking to measure results
  • Develop products consumers want leveraging data from the latest social trends

Leverage user-generated contents to enrich your communication efforts

Image Recognition


Monitor and effectively manage potential crises

  • Be alerted in real-time to potentially critical situations
  • Monitor negativity around your brand
  • Prevent a crisis from becoming viral by leveraging the virality map

Develop more effective content marketing for lead generation

  • Connect with your audience by discovering the topics and problems that matter for them
  • Refine your strategy by uncovering types of content that receive the most social engagement
  • Expand content reach by identifying influencers who will help it spread

Identify growing industry trends

  • Find the trends that matter most by analyzing up to 2 years of data
  • Identify which factors drive overall positive sentiment and trends
  • Discover influencers to collaborate with who have powerful voices in a given industry

Find and map the right influencers to amplify your message

  • Boost your credibility by finding the right influencer for each campaign
  • Measure ROI of your influencer initiatives by using social KPI metrics
  • Align your influencer efforts with the people most relevant to your brand goals

Research keywords to get your messaging right every time

  • Leverage top hashtags and themes to align your messaging with what the social community is most interested in
  • Stay up-to-date with the trending keywords for your industry
  • Create targeted messaging for unique regions and demographics using advanced filters

Protect your online reputation

  • React faster to negative discussions about your brand across social media
  • Identify misuse of your company logo with market-leading image recognition technology
  • Develop a more targeted reputation management strategy through learning how problems develop online
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