Why choose TotalPatent One for your patent searches?

Quality search is the first step in any business’ patent strategy to stay relevant in a competitive market, avoid financial losses, and accelerate innovation.​ TotalPatent One® combines high-performance technology with the world’s deepest archives and the largest number of authorities to make your patent search effective and drive confident business outcomes.

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Unmatched data quality

  • Access 155M patent documents, with 120M in full-text to see the description and claims
  • Search in original language or English with machine translation
  • View high-quality images for accuracy and standard applications
  • Get clarity on who ultimately owns a patent
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Always up to date

  • Data is refreshed daily to reflect new patent documents from patent offices
  • Changes to existing patent documents by patent offices flow into the TotalPatent One database within a day
  • Customized alerts keep you on top of patent news
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Ease of use

  • Use query builder for easy assisted search
  • Find what you need quickly with highlighted search terms
  • Export diagrams and pictures from patents
  • Conduct pharmaceutical search with Orange Book and SPC fields
  • Browse in four different languages (English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese)
  • Easily find specific CPC/IPC code classifications with the lookup tool
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Flexible design

  • Save a template for recurring search types for a productive workflow
  • Benefit from a clean workspace with a modern user interface
  • Create personalized user folders for specific search result types and analysis (For example, Freedom-to-operate or Prior Art searches)
  • Search, highlight keyword-in-context for easy analysis, review and annotate documents, share, and export; fields/folders
  • Save templates of search pages and document view to support search workflow
  • Select preferred fields to customize reports before exporting search results
  • Drag and drop to change the order of the fields in the export file

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Coverage and insights that give your patent searches more confidence

  • Search through 155M documents, including 120M that are full-text and in four different languages- English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.
  • Drag and arrange your search results based on a range of fields like legal status, title, abstract, claim, clipped image and many more.
  • Get information on who ultimately owns a patent in corporations, MAs and similarly named companies.
  • Review chosen document while keeping results in sight with combined search page and results page display setting.


Data that is refreshed daily to keep you updated

  • Exclusive license agreements with global patent offices guarantee most updated patent search results.
  • Document Insertion Time (DIT) in search query gives you the latest documents in the patent landscape.
  • Set up alerts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in multiple languages and share them with your team.

  • Search by authorities or groups of authorities such as EU, EPC and ASEAN.
  • Highlight patent search terms in the Title, Abstract, Claims and Description columns of the results.
  • Compare queries from your search history to view overlapping results or combine them to add both queries and view results.
  • Choose from category options offered with guided CPC/IPC lookup classifications.

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Organize and prioritize your patent search workspace

  • Create personalized user folders for specific search result types and analysis (for example, FTO or prior art)
  • Review, search, share, and export folders with the option to add annotations to documents within a folder.
  • Customize your reports by selecting applicable fields before you export your results.
  • Drag and drop to change the order of the fields in the export file.

How LexisNexis TotalPatent One® supports your work

A thorough patent search is often time-consuming and takes a lot of resources. That doesn’t have to be the case.

The TotalPatent One® patent research tool supports you in the development of new inventions and protecting your intellectual property. We provide you with the largest international patent database for your patent search. The collection includes searchable full text and bibliographic information, as well as a comprehensive archive of images, citations, legal status, and patent families.

When you’re engaged in innovation and need to protect your intellectual property, a database that allows precise and dynamic patent research is a must-have. In-depth patent searches with TotalPatent One® enable you to assess the likely outcome of your patent application in advance – while also avoiding any risk you might infringe on others’ intellectual property rights.

Patent research with LexisNexis TotalPatent One®


Access our reputable sources

TotalPatent One® has the most comprehensive international patent database and provides access to the following sources:

  • Data from more than 100 patent offices worldwide (including the German Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Register, and WIPO), including 32 offices that provide data in full-text format, searchable in the language of publication and in English via machine translation.

  • Bibliographic data from more than 100 additional authorities (more than 100 million documents)

  • Extensive archives: US patents can be searched back to 1790, and many non-US patents can be searched back to the 19th century

  • Extensive analysis options as well as links to additional information sources (e.g., CourtLink® or Elsevier Scopus® Preview)

Advantages of TotalPatent One®

  • Efficient searching in multiple languages
    With just one search query, you have access to the most comprehensive patent collection in the world for your patent search. You can view your search results in TotalPatent One® by patent family and remove duplicates as required. Original intellectual property rights in French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish and Swedish can be searched either in the original language or English provided by machine translation Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese patents can be searched in English.
  • Targeted search queries
    TotalPatent One® has settings for beginners or advanced users, semantic search, and the option to search for notes or publications, making it suitable for a wide range of target groups and search purposes. Highly targeted search queries can be achieved using various search fields and a number of operators and wildcards to obtain highly precise results.
  • Monitor industries
    The alert function in TotalPatent One® keeps you up to date, through freedom-to-operate (FTO) searches for new technical developments, monitoring of competitor patent applications and updates, and tracking of pending depositions and changes in legal status and prior art (also known as state of the art). The database is continually updated and supplemented with searchable full texts and bibliographic information, citations, information pertaining to the legal status, and patent family collections.
  • Analyze results quickly and easily
  • Graphs and bar charts can be created online directly in TotalPatent One® using the integrated analysis tools. Analyzing up to three result records together, you can dive into the details and use an interactive chart to identify documents that overlap or are unique. totalpatentone

  • Export results
    Export your results to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, CSV, and other leading formats, including BizInt Smart Charts. Choose the layout options that best suit your needs for presenting your results in the preferences.
  • Identify innovation potential
    Access the world’s largest collection of national and international full-text and bibliographic patent databases for greater confidence in developing new concepts.
  • Easy access to related tools and sources
    Direct links from TotalPatent One® to other relevant sources, such as Chisum on Patents, CourtLink®, PatentOptimizer®, Scopus®, and Patent Research Task Pages, make patent work easier.
  • Minimal loading times
    TotalPatent One® is a single-page web application. This minimizes loading times.
  • No limitations
    The new infinite scroll feature enables you to filter a complete set of results at once.
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