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We proudly introduce the successor of LexisNexis Academic: Nexis Uni. Nexis Uni is not just a database: it was developed on the basis of feedback from university students - it is academic research, but better. Nexis Uni offers the simple, intuitive research experience that students expect today - on any device they want - and helps you:

  • reduce the training requirements so that you can focus on other tasks
  • give students the confidence to do research themselves
  • increase student satisfaction and stimulate use

This way you can realize the maximum value for your library's budget with a tool that responds to the main preferences of digital natives - and that is equipped with the extensive, reliable content you can expect from LexisNexis.

On this page we offer information about the upgrade to Nexis Uni. Bookmark this page because this information is continuously updated.

What is unique about Nexis Uni?

Students who grew up with Google will immediately recognize the streamlined interface of Nexis Uni. It starts with a large search field. Students can search for natural languages or perform complex Boolean searches, making this tool ideal for both novice and advanced researchers. And that is not all.

Learn More about Nexis Uni

Several content modules are possible for Nexis Uni. The basic module consists of a number of national newspapers. This basic module can be extended to all Dutch-language news, international news and company information.

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Use these quick tips to fine-tune the Nexis Uni experience to your needs.

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Use these quick tips to fine-tune the Nexis Uni experience to your needs.

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